tirsdag den 1. december 2015

Story time

So Yeah I promised u a story about why Spidey 2099 is my favorite Spiderman

so the year is 1999 (Funny) the date is July 25 my little bday 
and my Cousin Dennis gives me the coolest thing ever sorry future gift givers but u'll never beat this unless u buy me....no wait u can't buy World Peace sorry future gift givers ur doomed :D

he had bought me a Spidey 2099 action figure and it's still "Alive and Kicking"  and I finally Bought the Funko YAY! I'll post a pic on Insta later :3
but yeah i just think Miguel O'Hara is so cool and he have Fangs with venom, stingers a cool costume Cool "Upgraded versions" of ye villains Still love Venom
and he uses Shock as swear word it's Shocking awesome ;D 
and I like his hair yes i''m A little Sucker for hair :D

But u know that's the story about why I Like Spidey 2099
in other totally relevant stories wanna hear how Mankind was created?
Okay here goes there was a Dinosaur his name was Barney and he liked Wine RED WINE because it reminded him of BLOOD!!!!
and one day when he was Fucking drunk he met another Drunk Dinosaur we call her Betty well they had sex and 9 month later she had a Baby BOWSER! so BOWSER grew up and Became A BAAAWWWWSSS and a Lady Slayer one day he met Donkey Kong and they had sex and here's the part where u come in cuz BOOM there was a human Baby so yeah 
The end   xD totally true story I was there along side The Doctor XD
#SorryNotSorry but we had a talk about the origin of Man and some was on the science side other the religious Route and then there's little me creating um...um cough cough telling about how the human came to be and the best part was I couldn't keep a straight face telling the awesome story ;D it was like this

There was a*giggle* Dinosahahahaaur named Barney *mumble mumble grumble laugher*
Baaahahahaabbay Bowser

seriously never tell a story if u think about something Funny
because ur story won't make any sense and the biggest part of it is giggles and shit 
u know like when u with ur peers and Laugh about some inside joke and then u start thinking about it around ur or Dad or Whatever and they ask u why are u laughing and when u try and tell u begin Laughing harder and harder I love it 

That's All Cya Foxy's Out ;D