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top 5 Anti heroes

"What's an anti hero Foxy? yes I read minds know for my next trick i'm gonna pull an arrow outta my left butt cheek :D

but yeah the definition of an AntiHeroes is as follows according to urban Dictionary
"An anti-hero is a flawed hero, and therfore, much more intresting then the more traditional heros. They can be working on the side of good, but with a tradic flaw, or a horrible past, or for reasons that are selfish and not intirely "pure". They can also be working for the side of evil, but with hidden noble intentions, or other underlying complexities. These darker heros can be jerks, pathetic, hard, jaded, or mean. However, all anti-heros must have enought heroic qualitys, intentions, or strenth (physical including attracktivness or mental) to somehow gain the sympathy of the audiance. Mostly they are intriguing and can therefore can be very, very, SEXY especialy if you love bad boys (girls). 

well sooo it's quite like somebody who was Red in ledger baddie turned "goodie" or a Goodie doing BAAAD things Bman for example or Bane ...yes Baddie bane ....it's weird to say he is an antihero but here goes 
first I thought let's do 10 but then i was naah I'll do 5-6 because yeah why not so if some Anti heroes u like doesn't show up remember this is my favs but it was hard to write down only 5  

5. Red Hulk 

  well u know what they say fight fire with fire. General Thaddeus "ThunderBolt" Ross just took it a little too serious....so to defeat the Hulk he became the red hulk with a little help for Doc Samson And A.I.M well now he is helping the Avengers and stuff  where the Hulk gets Stronger the angrier he gets. Red gets Hotter and no in a sexy way but as he catches Fire ....This HULK IS ON FIYAAAAAAARRRR sorry oh yeah and he Killed Wendigo & Abomination  Kudos to u Red Kudos to u I like a bit more than the average Hulk because he is such a bad apple in the bunch and I just like Baaaad heroes XD

Bonus Fact he got his nickname Thunderbolt by his Soldiers because he was struck by lightning and survived :D

4. John Constantine 
No doubt John is Awesome, is A Brit, Bisexual, cunning, Charming, a private Eye, and he tricked the Devil him self what's not to love about him?
     So in order to save a friend who had Sold his soul to the first of the fallen which were a demon when the devil came to claim his friend's soul John tricked the devil to drink holy water the demon which prevented the devil from taking the friend's soul, the Devil promised Constantine that when the cancer would killed him his soul would come to hell and be tortured and John's Soul was His for claiming for this trickery and sabotage his soul claiming, So John Secretly sold his soul to the second Fallen and the Third Fallen because who the fuck wants to spend the rest of their soul days in hell, well this was a problem because None of them would be able to claim his soul because if one of them did so it would start a War in hell Fallen against Fallen and nobody got time for that.

and he does whatever 's necessary 
if u can trick the devil and be a fucking smartass about it than u get a Shiny star in my notebook :D

3. Red Hood  

Jason Todd the Second Robin, the Robin that Died, the black sheep of the Robins, Joker's love letter to dear old Bats

Todd wasn't the best robin the poor Bloke was killed by the Joker on the order of the fans no that's funny well well good old rotten to the core Râ al Ghul was such a sweetheart  well the plan was just to keep Robin Captive but U know Good ol' Mr. Jaay, he doesn't stick to other's plan if he gets the chance to make B-man to go over the edge But yeah so Râ tried to mend by resurrecting Jason Todd, well it didn't go easy piecey lemon squeezy so instead of a "normal" Robin he became sorta like insane and thought Bman Left him to die
...sounds familiar doesn't it. oh yeah Joker in Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Hehe... but yeah now Enraged by this Jason took up the mantle of The Red Hood cuz why not Joker was the Joker now right and why not smudge the psycho who killed u's name while getting ur idiotic adopted farther who totally abandoned u and wouldn't even turn every nook and cranny to make sure u were dead well wouldn't u be pissed too?

          2. Venom/Anti Venom /Eddie Brock  
U knew they were coming 
seriously Growing up with Spiderman the animated Series on Fox Kids on TV. 
Venom will always be my favourite Spidey Baddie well Venom Brock became sorta like an Antihero when he took down Carnage with the help of Spidey they may not like Parker but they hated their off spring more, Venom got more offsprings which they wanted to take down aswell later on Brock broke up with the symbiote it was later accompanied by the Scorpion or the Garland Venom, well brock got Cancer he had some good old Venom in him so when Mr. Negative touched him his white blood cells combined with the symbiote in his bloodstream and Thous Anti-venom was born and he wanted to Cleanse the world from the symbiotes he almost stripped Peter parker of his Spidey powers Sick Bro totally sick I like him   Kudos for u Anti-venom KUDOS!!!!

So who's my Numbre uno ?
well U should know if I Say it ain't Slade Wilson 

1. DEADPOOL!       

I like Crazy people they everything so much more an Deadpool is the Definition of crazy insanity 
            Gawd I love reading about his adventures....
And I can't wait for 2016's DP movie cuz it have one of my favourite Chilhood actors in  the lead Ryan Reynolds who also played one of my favourite DC Green Lantern
Before u say Where the women in this Antihero thing then ask ur self are there any cool ones except Harley and Ivy? I like them yes but I like them being Baaad 
Every other guy likes the bad girls but we love our good girls

And there's just some more appealing about a guy who is not completely good nor evil but tries to do the right thing

Besides girls we're so used to ur sweet little schemes that had the right intentions but turned out bad, we don't a antiheroine we have u cool Gals :3 and thank u for that Gals