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top 10 Marvel heroes

so this one is a tough one Because I Really like a lot of marvel heroes and it only makes it so harder for me when I wrote Heroes because I mean both men and Women so it's Heroes & Heroines and If u favourite isn't on this list just remember that doesn't mean their not cool it just means i had to pick between them or the other guys & Gals :3

10. Jessica Jones  

I know some are gonna be WHY SHE AIN*T COOL or WHY IS SHE SO LOW ON THE LIST
But Yeah she is awesome at the point that she was like wasn't like batman when he got broken, she was more like Barry Allen on the Flash She had to build her self up again after her ego was Shattered
by the Purple man she became a shadow of her former self, like The flash after Battling Zoom for the first time and think about it how do u feel after a break up are u all happy go merry Batman or are u the one feeling broken down because It hurts?     

9.AntMan (Scott Lang)/ Wasp

Sorry I just Like the second Ant man more but I like Janet van Dyne as the Wasp eventhough she died thanks HANK PYM! but her mind was transferred over to Jolcasta because Ultra really likes his mommy EWW ULTRON! well Ultron get's Creepier did u know he is Viktor Mancha's Dad....EWWW!  but anyway I like her because She is just like her Hero name says no someone u wanna Mess with

8.Emma Frost

Mind games are fun right well Emma thinks so she started as a Bad Gal The white queen of the Hellfire Club she is that type of Gal that makes u wanna crawl back up in ur mother womb if u could with her Venomous Comeback or Commentary, Besides that she can get into ur mind and control u she can also transform her body into Diamond and Guys u know what they say about Beauty and Intelligence  and I know they marvel may her kinda super Sexy but come on that's point every guy wouldn't think much of her as a threat she is a Femme Fatale that is awesome and not because over sexy 

7.Star lord
Alright u should know by Now I like Heroes with Motormouths and are being Flirty 
Peter Quil Is No exception I think Marvels Chris Pratt Starlord is the Coolest :D 


okay this was really a pain for me because I love those two Mutants Havok kinda grew on me and Fuck Scott Summers everybody knows the younger Siblings are the Cooler than the older ones and if u don't believe me ask my Sister I'm the youngest and she looks up to me....mainly because i'm taller than her but HUSSSSSH  and Iceman was the first mutant I thought was cool besides he is Gay now, and Thx marvel for making more LGBT Heroes because it helps i guess if every sexuality is represented so people actually knows everything isn't black and white 

5.Spiderman/agent Venom 

Yet again I know Sorry But Spidey Is cool leave out and Agent Venom come on I'm not military guy But Gosh Angent venom Is just too cool not to have on the list and Spidey who doesn't like Spidey com'on he is mister big mouth him self 

Again A split I Came to love these Gals Alot for their personality  and I like that instead of Peter getting bitten it was Gwen of it's in another Universe but still I Love it
and Slik or Cindy Moon Is Cute and was bitten by the same Spider as Spidey so they have ..A connection/ a thing going on

Besides she called A villain Pokemon Man because he reminded her of a pokemon :D Sliky Is just CUTE AS FUCK I LIKE ALOT!

3.Spiderwoman(Jessica Drew)
Okay another Spiderperson How come?
Well she is actually somebody that was trained By Hydra but broke away when She found out that they were evaaaal 
Jessie was the First Spiderwoman and even the skrull Queen most think she's cool since she captured her and disguised as her to invade earth

2. She-Hulk

Oh u didn't see this Gamma Gal coming up so high come now I like Jennifer Lawrence alot I would even say she is a better feminist icon than Wonder woman because she grew from a little woman without a voice to a Big woman with a voice and yet Again I really really really like her for being Flirty and Sassy

1.  Spiderman 2099
U knew His My Number 1 U knew all along :D and U already know why :D 
That's all Folks So we have 8 posts Left I have some in Draft so it says 92 on my posts but yeah some of my drafts are coming out as fast as Possible :D so ALLLL NIIIGHHT ALLLL Night i'm gonna post :D so Hope u stay tuned We have a Goal and I'm gonna reach it :D 
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