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top 10 DC Heroes

phew this one is a tough one because some might be sad about some of the picks but meeh


Oh i'm so dead but who cares
yes I think Sups is cooler than Batman and yes my favourite moment was when Bane broke the Bat because A. Hello Bane broke one of the most OP DC Character and because I just love comic Baddies and Yelling because i'm batman is not a superpower it's called being in love with yourself oh and jeez i hope Superman tear him a new one in dawn of justice sorry not sorry and yes most of the internet was pissed at Snyder for making Sups Snap Zod's neck because uhh kneel before Zod and Sups would never kill anybody and now u got him back as Doomsday ooooh the sweet sweet monkey hand Irony u know kiddies be careful what u wish for or ur will come true anyway Sups have killed before I know it's in Injustice and that's another Sups but if one Sups can kill why not another one too  

9. Cyborg /Martian Manhunter 

I Like both of these Guys MM because even though he lost everything he got something back including the Guy loves chocos which looks like Oreos come on how can u say no to that he's cute :D
and Cyborg do i really have to say why I like the guy jeez u should know :D


member of the Justice league dark alongside Constantine and Swamp thing
she is a magic user and the she works her magic is saying the magical words backwards 
so Abracadabra becomes Arbadacarba and now my head hurts 


for my next trick I will yet again pull a heroine outta my blazer
I think Helena Bertinelli is really cool I really do because she shows that it doesn't matter what is in ur blood but how u choose to use it 
6.Batwoman (Katherine "Kate" Rebecca Kane)

Kate is awesome, red head, Lesbian, and the female counterpart to the Arkham Knight, she is just gosh I love BW     

5.Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) 

She might be a screamer but she'll kick ur ass and make ur ears bleeding
they haven't called Laurel lance for Dinah Yet on Arrow but well the rest of her name too close so who knows :D

4.The Atom(Ray Palmer) 

oh Ray-Ray where do I start I fell for Brandon Routh  don't blame me Ray was cute*taking a huge of my mug* I'm only Human Cheese Fuck my coffee is good and hot but anyway Well after Routh portrait I went out and Read some :D and The Atom Became an indigo Lantern during Blackest night u know the huge now everybody u have lost is coming back to kill event....anyways Ray is just really cool :D  


we know him we love him the Robin that flew away and became A MAN!!!
Dick Grayson the bloke is now a spy Agent 37 or just Grayson, before that he was a cop even took over for Batman and became the new Bman and Besties with Flash(Wally West) in injustice Year 3 or is it 4  never mind  he became the new deadman in that universe give that man a lantern ring NOW!
2. Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)

where do i even start i really really like Hal also because he have one of my favourite Hero/Antihero/ Villains (Star sapphire) as Freind/foe/Gf/Lover what ever but also because he's Besties with my all time favourite Hero of all time The Flash (Barry Allen)  and he got a dark site okay and because I really really like what the green lanterns stands for :D 

1. The Flash (Barry Allen)

u knew it all along and if u didn't allow me to punch u in the boob or in the nuts because A. I think I said it like a thousand times and B did u even read the GL part :D or my post yesterday 
oh and If u follow me on instagram u know my first Funko was The Flash among other stuff :D 
well why do I like Barry because he is human unlike Batman cuz HE'S BATMAN!!! sorry Barry and Wally shows even though u have Superpowers ur still only human and the show come on if u didn't cry once turning the show ur heartless or Zoom 
I love emotional characters compassionated, hoping, loving, takes Courage, who can be funny, in the comics Barry have worn the Green and the Blue lantern ring and even become his own Zoom and then there was that one time where he out ran death or and during the Darkseid war he became Death 
and Flash is just something I think Batman could never be and that's relatable like some can relate to Spidey or Jessica Jones i have sen the batman movies and I like em but to me there only one BMAN and that is Kevin Conroy from the animated series  where batman still was human and not Superman :3 

but anyways that's all for this one 
I have one draft left after that we have 7 posts left before the big 100th and the Beau-tie almost have 4000 views 3748 to be exacted so if we could get 4000 views before new year I don't maybe I'll make a really dumb super silly  100% me Tweet on twitter and do this because I don't know I love u 
But um U know guys See ya at the finish line ;3
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