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Top 10 Dc Villians

10. Scarecrow 

Jonathan Crane the Freddy Kreuger of Gotham except he is oh so very real out here in the real world Bwahaha  and he isn't funny nor does he give one-liners I can't stop Liking SC he is just awesome...and Yessh Freddy should have won F VS. J i read that the inspiration for his lanky appearance he's original Scarecrow costume and surname was inspired by Ichabod Crane from "The legend of Sleepy Hollows"  and I love that fable alot and I love the headless horseman alot!!!

9.Clock King

Tick tock tick tock time to feed the croc oh wait he isn't on this list time for another other um Time's up? tick tick on the watch oh baby ur time is running out #NailedIt okay I'm talking about William Tockman who didn't have Time on his site ah ah anyone? well he got the bad news that he had the illness McGregor syndrome....okay let's just take our time to think about....HEY! Just like Nora Fries omg but yeah he had 6 months to live so he decided to help his sister as much as he gather um sorry steal alot of money in the time he had left to give her a better safer future after he was gone so for him it was a race against time. gosh! i don't have time for these jokes :D he have appeared on Arrow and The Flash



well Parallax is the entity of Fear and he had possessed many first Hal Jordan then Barry Allen and Kyle Rayner but he is Back with Sinestro again yeahy :3  

7.Captain Cold 

u know the cold was coming even before u read this post :D
I like Cap. Cold because even though he's a villain the Snowman himself have a Heart
and I love his New 52 design because it the cold never bothers him anyway I have A Hood thing Hoods = Cool

6.Starsapphire(Carol Ferris)

What's love got to do with it!? well for Little Carol Ferris(Hal's Gf) well Little Ferris got her heartbroken and guys never ever break a woman's heart or they weeeellll become pretty sinister but anyways Elizabeth Taylor was the inspiration her appearance
Did u know she was the Second Star sapphire and she actually debuted In The Golden Age Flash Comics as herself and the 1st Star sapphire tried to manipulate her into using the stone so the former queen from the 7th dimension could get her revenge for the Zamorons banishing her by destroying them  for u who don't know it's the Jay Garrick Flash well Carol became the star Sapphire in 1962 although she appeared in The Flash twice first in 1947 and the second 1948 she was first really introduced 12 years later In 1959 in the Green lantern Comics   
Bonus Fact My grandpa had a crush on Elizabeth Taylor because he thought she had beautiful eyes, when he was at the hospital and my grandma visited him he told her that he the nurse who just checked up on him was Elizabeth Taylor, my grandma told him he was silly well it wasn't Elizabeth Taylor but when my grandma saw the nurses eyes she understood why he in his sickbed would think it was her do to her very beautiful eyes and had that special spark in her eyes that Taylor had and I can see why My grandpa Like Elizabeth Taylor cuz HOT DAWG she was a hottie and if I was born at the same year as her I wouldn't mind look into those little Emeralds now I think I know why I have a weakness for Green eyed persons it's simply in my dna XD #SorryGrandpa #DontHauntMyArse




Okay I don't know about u but I rather die laughing than here "CLICK CLICK, BLAM! PHEW"
just saying but yeah Joker is too awesome to leave out of this and not Awesome in Notice me Senpai but awesome at being Bad and he is so creepy that just the thought of him gives u the Chills well we made not know the "true" origin to him but that's what makes him so great he is the monster under the bed, the true Boogeyman 
where just like Joker we don't know who the fuck Onomatopeia is he is Allias-less just like Joker and Grodd but unlike Grodd we don't know their real names only their supervillain names
Onomatopeia is a Serial killer and he doesn't speak well kinda cuz the only things he says is the word of the sound things makes some or as it is called Ontomatopeia cheese it would creep me out alot and i'm easily scared :3


4.Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy

 u knew these Bad Gals were on the list :D
what Can I say I just Love their cute attitude  :3

3. Gorilla Grodd

am I the only one who pities this Hairy Fellar?
guess so yet again I felt pity for King Kong and cries when he dies because HE ONLY WANTED TO BLONDIE'S FRIEND LEAVE KING KONG ALONE!!! but Grodd isn't such a tortured Soul in the Comics as in the show but yeah the show actually made a scary Grodd and I like that Grodd way better because he is just like KingKong alone, Scare and totally misunderstood #MyInnerHarley/CaitlinIsShowing    

2.Killerfrost(Caitlin Frost)

The 4th Ice Queen well she kinda Became the new Ice queen thanks to H.I.V.E and she did in work at S.T.A.R labs but yeah she found out that the only way to Cure her self was by the heat of Firestorm but um yeah He...Died so no cure :/
and I Can't wait to see her on the Flash the Cw Frost's Costume Looks like The 2nd Killerfrost, Louise Lincoln's costume 

oh and Louise wasn't what u would call sane  and she actually enjoyed Killing

1. Reverse Flash(Eobard Thawne) & (Daniel West)
(Daniel West)

okay this is hard Because I Like the new guy but gosh I'm glad Thawne is back again if anybody is gonna torture Barry Allen's Flash It's Thawne his the Second flash Speedster Nemesis but the First to be called Reverse Flash :D and I like him but Daniel West seemed exciting :3


well that was my Foxy lists hope u like them 
3770views and this is post 97 so getting there :D 
and thanks Foxies for an awesome Year :3 can't believe it's almost over and wow I came to think about my goal at the start of the year was 75 posts and we all know I went there too fast so yeah I changed my personal goal to 100 as I wrote in a past post and now I'm thinking that was actually fitting because yeah sometimes I'll write sometimes I'l take a break but anyways I Love a lot :*
and u know it 

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