lørdag den 19. december 2015

Thx Kawaii-Cherrish & Rolf

Sooo yeah K-Cherrish haven't opened her present yet because She told me she would wait until Christmas Eve because it was a Christmas present after all and i had all wrapped it up so why not well her present was wrapped up and if i used it before Christmas or not it was up to me :D and the Day Before Rolf gave me Robin Hood because ....maybe he knows my not so secret Favourite Animal
But anyways K-Cherish Gave me A Christmas Special brewed Beer Some Lernberger Stafsing dry Shampoo and lots of moustache/lips bonbons :D Yummy

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if u reach 3850 by tomorrow I might do make some more Vlogs :D and don't worry U'll get ur Hotties back but first let's reach the goal u lovely lovely Foxies right now I'm chilling with Some Selena Gomez  "Same old Love" cuz gosh it's on my mind ...Grodd now that one is back inside of my head again I mean Hello ....yes I'd Heard Adele and Fuck I love that song