søndag den 13. december 2015

Don't Worry About it Foxy

Soooo i trying to tell myself that yesterday's dream was just a dream and it was nothing and it wasn't my magical Mumbo jumbo Foxy Sense tingling .... if only Life, faith, Lady luck got the memo instead of irony well I know ur saying to ur self right now "Foxy WHAT THE FUCK ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!??? Start to make some sense" well here's the funny thing this doesn't Make sense okay if u have ever happened to u more than three times welcome to my world Love

ever since I was little i'd been having some dreams about the future and noooo i'm not talking about those imaginary dreams that is weird and funny and Stuff i'm talking about a realistic dream where it happens in real life like a hunch or what u wanna call and when it happens in our world i feel creeped out because how did my mind know something that hadn't happened at that time I dreamt it how did it know  that exact scenario would happened and how it would end up and then i have some friends that just shake it off saying ever heard of Deja vu....

yes but that happens when ur awake these Dream visions or what eves happens when i'm Asleep i see it in my sleep some time between 3 hours  and 3 days it happens in really life explain that to me! well i even tried where I was awake it was September 2009 and I sat at home doing my Homework when my Scissors fell on and I felt scare and sad and I call My friend (not gonna say her name because it's not it's something that make us both feel sad and we throw it in the past casket)  to put the scissors away and I can't explain how I knew but somehow i knew she was gonna cut her self, seriously i didn't know that because well she hid it soo darn well and she lives and she is happy again and that evening just felt like our friendship because it's was purely a stroke of luck not that she was sad and was cutting herself but the fact that somebody could sense something was wrong well stroke of luck or dumb luck i don't know it only spooked me more on Valentine's 2010 a gust of wind blows playfully with my front tuft of hair and moves it from left side of my forehead to the right and i got the feeling of being in love someone the funny thing was I was single at the moment and there was no human being in my eye sight cuz I was looking at my phone and then I texted a friend of mine Michelle and asked her so are u gonna tell me about ur new Boyfriend or what? and I got a text back with How did u know we just started Dating like five mins ago, and texted her back call it a hunch

this November it happened again I texted my latest ex because he texted me about how me and Grethe was doing
sidestory in the summer when I was in Jutland to celebrate my bday i was visiting my ex that was mybf at the moment and last time was there we played OddWolrd: new and tasty and the Elum Abe is ridding well it was so derpy we said it was a she and we called her Grethe because that was the derpiest name we could think of ... sorry Grethes of the world sorry u all beautiful ladies we also binges watched The flash season 1 BECAUSE THE FLASH!!!!!
and we joke about my ex could get Ollie Because my ex needed an older bloke than Little innocent me and I could get Barry because why not he is a very beautiful being both on the inside and outside and He's smart!!! well

back to the main story again
so me and my ex texted back and fourth because we have an awesome weird friendship just like Flarrow :D but anyways he texted me how my marriage with Grethe was since now I was dating Rolf and I asked him how are u and Ollie doing and here comes the creepy/funny part he asked me how i knew he had dated a guy recently named Oliver but was called Ollie and if he ever had told me that, and u he hasn't that's why it was creepy i wrote back no u haven't I meant your Queen but yeah we shook it off like it was nothing I told Rolf about because well hat's a relationship with honesty right but yeah he wasn't shock or like that couldn't happened Deja vu blah blah blah  he exactly told something I was like what he could sense and be a spokes person for the dead... i'd always believed that there's more than meets the eye u know somethings we can't explain ...and the me and my "foxy Sense" well my grandma knows a guy which mom said to me with her last breathe never close ur boy cuz ur seeing something others will envy u for well she was old and kinda nuts but i guess the old lady was right I'm seeing something that others doesn't see in their dreams but that doesn't mean i can predict things i have tried it alot some much I can't pin them all down in this post only and  I don't wanna sound Craz...ier  then it already does but I had a dream yesterday night I broke up with Rolf.... in January 2016 and it hasn't happened yet and Knock on wood it doesn't happened  and if it happens pls don't read this Rolf because then u know I knew and I wouldn't/ Will not tell u because I hope it's just a dumb dream and  nothing else but if i open my mouth it's gonna happen for sure because then u'll be like why didn't u tell me, have u felt like that for a long time? so u don't love me! gosh and I know I shouldn't worry my pretty little head about it but c'mon i can feel it in my gut and my gut feeling is never wrong which scares me and that's why I worry so much at the moment  

Cya Foxy's Out