tirsdag den 15. december 2015

Frozen beyond repair

okay so yesterday I was a bit moody ....okay I was kinda sad it was just something really personal and dear to me and I really needed Rolf by my side at that time but he was busy and I was a bit...Me I felt a bit sad about the fact that his report was more important than his...guy of course it's for his exam GRODD! I outta stop giving Peeps Alibis or good reasons to do stuff goooosssssssshh
so I was sad about the personal thing and the Rolf letting me down thing to make everything waaaaaaay better when he told me that he would be there for me whenever I NEEDED HIM ....
yes I was pissed at that comment cuz He wasn't there!!!
then He starts Joking about stuff about Why I needed him to come and dear Foxies rule nb....whatever yes it is so important it is number Whatever  
"Never ever ever ever Joke about me being sad when i'm depressed" cuz i think it's insensible and not a clever move when people trust u to respect them 

well then everything got worse because well Rolf told me he was Sad about me being sad and that just makes me even sadder because I felt that I was in his way before all this and the text i'd got kinda Proved it because he was sad because of me being sad I know i know but c'mon see it from my point when ur depressed is it uplifting to hear that it makes the person km away sad...hope not otherwise I might need some of those pills Grodd see now I did sigh well the good news is today i got two gift cards and I bought something  for myself and for Rikke for the gift cards in the body shop 

And what I bought was A Grapefruit body butter(50ml) for her and got it tugged in like a little Christmas Presents and a Frosted Plum bodybutter(50ml) for myself  :3 and even though I'm feeling better i'm still kinda Mad at Rolf but Pizza, Manicure, Massage, coffee, cake and this Bodybutter all I'm missing is some no i'm mad so no sex xD
well almost there it's weird yet funny but um as some of u know I'd made some things on Polyvore because it's calming like with a ur wearing a brand new pair of jeans MMMmmm
oh and still haven't got my present from Rolf I wish my face could move but the face mud masque  prevents me from changing face expression so right now I look like Grumpy cat and this is why I wanna laugh #ThxRyan