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10 things I don't get

I'd been Having this one In my drafts since Wednesday alongside with 10 dc villains & 10 Dc Heroes
well me and one at my friends Frederikke Vitrump over at Bloggersdelight had a talk during a free lesson in Psychology Class about things we didn't really understand about the internet, social media, life, love anything really which made us think of maybe we should make a post about what we didn't really understand  so here is my 10 things I don't get

10  Private Instagram Profiles ....

Okay A Thing none of us really gets is if Ur on Instagram why are u having a private profile seriously is it so u feel special because Only those u think is cool enough for u may see ur ordinary and if they ain't but it's nudes  WHAT ARE U THINKING ABOUT? and sure I get it that some people just want their friends to follow them or wants there private life for them selves but c'mon ur on Social media nothing is private there! nevermind moving on

9 Body shamming 

seriously my blood is boiling whenever I hear dumb shit like uh shouldn't u get some meat on those bones to a tall slim person or shouldn't u loose some pounds to a small person with some meat on their bones seriously if u have so low self esteem that the only way u can feel pretty is to make us feel bad about the way they look, u compadre should seek help because there's something wrong that need to be fixed inside of that pretty little head of urs and it's no laughing matter some of us try to gain some but have a hard gaining because it's use for energy where other's have the other problem so when is it gonna get inside some people's head that we're all different and it's not laughing matter Cheese sorry i just really can't take it okay it's not cool in any way or in any universe

8. Asking about ur dick size 

seriously why... why do u need to know how big a dick ur Bf or loves or date have 
it's not like his tear ur arse or vag apart right right? don't answer that 
well i have got a lot of messages that asked me that alongside with "that bulges looks big how big are u" which I usually reply to with "I don't know I don't have an obsession to find out, but what I do know is my guy is big enough for u to scream my name in the middle of the night" i know I sound Cocky in that statement and some would say flirty but come on now my dick works he isn't a small guy according to my former lovers so why complain right thumbs up downstairs     

7. Dick Pics

C'mon ur a clever gent I don't need to see a pic of ur manhood via Snapchat to know 
and I don't get i get why do u have send it ?

6. Giving ur dick a name

why is that a thing seriously and yes it's still a thing I mean yeah ur Proud of ur banana But Why?

5. Hash tag no filter

I don't get it we can see if ur using a filter on insta Dear but thanks

4. Fandom Hate

Okay I get ur a WestAllen and I'm a SnowBarry and why can't we be friends again? I love Barry and u Love Barry Missa want Barry to be Happy Ussa want Barry to be Happy and we both can't stand Jarjar Binks :D i really don't get why fandoms can't be nicer to each other seriously I Saw a post on Facebook where People were hating on Felicity Smoak come on u may not like her but to call her a bitch what the fuck u don't hear me scream FLASH Wins! BECAUSE HE*S THE FLASH!!! why is that some fandoms just don't get alone or don't acknowledge each other and straight out hate each other I don't hate the WestAllen fandom because I think  Barry and Caitlin are cute heck I even think he is cute with Patty maybe it's because the fandoms reflects some the characters in the fandom cause Iris is maybe having a hard time with Barry being with Patty like Barry had with Iris and Eddie, where The Flash(Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) r Besties and have u ever heard The Speedsters hating on the Lanterns me neither  but maybe it's something like we love our pairings too much that they get caught in the Cross Fire like some kids during a divorce


Sometimes I feel like i'm from a parallel universe when talking to People about this topic because some people thinks it's only way and It think it's dumb why do we have to paint ourself  in the blood of the innocent why seriously can't we just figure out who's got the biggest D or which first lady with the bigger jades au naturel or flip a coin or something less primitive because ur not only killing some innocent people or destroying a land ur destroying our earth, everybody's mother earth but Kudos to the soldiers who have fought for everybody, the little man, that mule for whatever even though I might not think War is the best Idea ever and there may be a better way than that u have my respect

2. Grades

Since when Is the A+ student worth more than the F student 
yet again I'm from a parallel universe remember  to me it's not about the grades u get because that is just a dumb letter to me I rather see the size of ur heart I rather see u do what u love than do what society thinks ur worthy enough to do, because sometimes it's funnier to sit down and talk with the F or c guy or Gal because they might not be good at math or Spanish or whatever but they not less intelligent than the A+ student intelligence isn't one single thing it's many different things actually but the society we have created all we think about is the academic intelligence sadly enough and I really don't why we soo into putting each other into a box base on a letter grade or clothes or whateves 

1. Frienemies 

seriously I know i'm a guy but what is it about having a backstabbing friend which u hate but also Backstab sometimes i'm ultra mega happy that I was born with a Dick because then I wouldn't have to waste my life on making another's life a living hell cheese I know i know my enemy's  enemy is my friend or keep ur friends close but ur enemies closer but cmon now that's how it works lovelies and u ladies are better than that otherwise quit it because it's a waste of everybody's time including urs

That's some of the things I don't really get 

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