lørdag den 28. november 2015

Present Time

I'm sooooo wierdly happy at the moment because I'm gonna shop with Rolf on Monday the Greatest part is we gonna buy Christmas Presents and what Rolf doesn't know is I'm gonna buy his right infront of his long snout Heheh e so Hush little Foxcubs Don't say a word pretty plz kay thank u

but yeah He likes "The Doctor" and since I have the Tenant Doctor because C'mon he earned some awesome points by wearing Red sneakers in my book....yes i DO NOT have an Awesome List Book thing ma-jibber-jabber and yes I just invented that word hurrah i speak good aha XD

but yeah We decided who am I kidding Nobody that's who
well I Decided; since we talked about Giving eachother christmas presents as a suggestion, We should totally do it! because I said in my mind and because why not? if we're gonna be bfs, at least we could give eachother christmas presents right (I wonder who's wearing the Meta Chinos in this not quite a relationship relationship some people would say i do...they're the wise people that know me too well and before u judge i'm not a controlling type in fact I'd dated three (Not at once i'm not a playah eww) and they were control freaks they even said it them selves but yeah I'm not into that....eventhough Opposites attracts I'm just not a guy that likes to be tamed this little Foxy ain't a doggy ya know free spirit till the I die of loving life too much but yeah eventhough I'm a free spirit it doesn't mean that I have to wander alone but don't try to suck the wildside outta me kay?)  But anyways Yeah he have started Collecting Funkos the first one was Jawa from Star wars so yeah I wish for some more and I thought since he likes Doctor Who and we went out to a quiz battle about Horror movies as a date yeah I know but our team name was....The Daleks so I thought why not give him a dalek Funko since he likes both things so win win but he actually don't I wish for but if I give me Venom, Spiderman2099, AntiVenom, Deadpool, Starlord or ReverseFlash new 52 I might have to tear him a new one ....Because I Fucking Love them XD btw he is not gonna buy Venom Nor spidey '99 or Reverse Flash cuz I'm gonna buy those myself thank u very much But yeah i'm gonna tell ya in a later post Why I love those Guys and Let me just tell yeah the Story why Ilove F*ing Loves Spidey 2099 is a cute little one which reminds me that I still need to make those lists of top 10 marvel hereos dc heroes and villains stuff and christmas present shopping list
well until daw.....then CYA Foxys Out

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