fredag den 13. november 2015

Going Blonde ..again

No ur not reading this wrong I'm going blonde again and there's two possible ways this can go down when I use the Platinium blonde
1: my hair will become Strawberry blonde/GoldenBlonde the whole thing :D
or 2: most of my hair becomes Golden/Strawberry Blonde and some locks of my hair turns platinium blonde due they're already being blonde because of my last hair Dying where I had to Blonde it up before I could get the pink-ish purple it had the Last time :D

yeah I know Love it or hate :D Love is Love :D

Hottie of the Day 

Shantel Vansanten 
Sorry Girls but I'm a guy and u got pics of me so u had ur man for today xD 
and she is a little Hottie From the Flash u know Patty Spivot :D