torsdag den 12. november 2015

New Baby

So nobody in ere knows but Last Thursday I lost a really close life compangnon a guy I could share every single Thing with Life's ups and Downs and eventhough he didn't talk much he had an ability to talk with his eyes his big mocha Brown eyes and when I pretended to not noticing him he would push my hands away with his little snout and wave his paws at me  he was my special little Baby boy

My little dipshit  okay his name wasn't Dipshit it was Idefix best through 7 years he slept in last thursday and I was in pieces I lost my baby boy and I know i know u shouldn't treat ur dog like a human child well ur insensetive prick I didn't but u can't stop loving ur pet as ur own little child of course because they know how to get a special place in our hearts they like us are little fuzzballs with feelings and nothing can replace the empathy u'd got from ur pet anyways My uncle was ready to get a new one we all handle Grief in a differnt way so today we're getting a new Pup his name is Kvik and is only 8Weeks old and his a Jack Russel mixed with something else but trust me when I say this he knows i'm the Alpha Male Bitch XD  but yeah eventhough I miss Idefix I know that he is in a place where he'll always stays no matter how stone dead he is and that's in my heart like Mickey sweet dream my special little Dipshit and we'll meet again across Time.

P.s this was Idefix :)