mandag den 9. november 2015

23 Facts about me

1. Foxy Red 
it's a no brianer I'm a redhead otherwise my nickname Foxy wouldn't any sense unless I was sexy as hell....and that is a bit of a strech acording to me.

2. Don't say Inteligent and Foxy Is  
I don't like the word Inteligent because It makes me think of Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Ghandi they Are/Were Inteligent people so telling me I'm Inteligent is making the word loose it value, I don't see myself as THAT inteligent as them, and I know i've got pretty little head that have some Smarts but don't call me the "I" word there's other word for it Smart, Bright,wise(Don't use that either just keep it too Smart or Bright) 

3.  A some what long full name 
seriously it's not that Long but it's long enough to not been able to stand on the standard signing line Kevin Ted Meier Sørensen doesn't look like much the the line isn't that long that's why I use my Intials or simply takes my surename and last name cuz U can't sign with ur nickname unless it's and autograph ;3

4. Red in the Spring Brown in the Fall
Hair is unique in many ways besides me having Foxy red Curly hair au nautrel my hair get reddish Brown in the fall.

5. Scarlet Speedster fan
is anybody surprised? hope not otherwise Heey the more u know right?

6.Cold, Cold Heart

I have a weakness for Killerfrost She's an Asskicker and I can't wait for her to turn up in the Flash Season 2

7. Ivies, Flytrap
Favorite plant besides Carnirvorous plants or Venus Flytrap what can't a Guy love pretty/ dangerous plants nowadays? :3 besides Poison Ivy Is the coolest Bitch in Gotham 

8. favourite Flower(s)

I love Lillies, everybody else is like orchids for the win!!! or roses and Shout out to one of my friends because he Likes Irises :3 love u Boy 

9. Favourite colours 
Scarlet, Emerald green, Iced blue and Midnight Blue

10. Nicknames
A wise (wo)man or dumb blonde once said "loved child bears many names"
well I must be very loveable I cuz I have alot of nicknames even two I can't explain, them being Superman & Jr. ...okay maybe I understand one of those naah

11. not a Jr.  
eventhough one of my nicknames are Jr. I'm not a Jr. genetically, nor educational  so I don't know why some people call me Jr.

12. a foot in each Creek

Not a Player just Bisexual it's my little euphemism for being Bi 
if u don't know that by now Heey there u must new here welcome to my little spot thank u for choosing me and my little blog :3
but anyways 

13. Lucky number ....
23 yeah it's a cool always has been alway wil be 23

14: 23 93 what more can I be :D 
I was Born July 25th 1993 so next summer I turn 23 or should I say I turn Lucky Just kidding

15: Jinx and Lucky charm  

  I had some Bfs & GFs who was't very superstious unitl they encounted me, I'm like a Blackcat  treat me well and I bring luck break my heart and misfortune follows u 
kinda weird but it's true some ex somehow ended up having no luck in love or just luck in general, the trick is don't do a thing to harm them stay nice and true and someday Karma returns the kindness

it's a no brainer 

17: Arachnophob
there's no way in Hell, heaven on earth or in parrelle Universe that i'm ever ever ever gonna like those eight legged monsters KILL IT KILL WITH A PHONEBOOK!!! OR FIRE!!!
except for Black widows I don't have a Problem with those 

18: IT'S OVER 1000!!! 
actually it's 1.041posts and almost 250 followers :D the 1000th pic was Sealed with a kiss

19: Joined Twitter before it was Cool

20: almost 600

21: A Gust of wind Doesn't get Funkier than this 

yet again No Brainer I love Grant Gustin & Nolan Funk :3

22: <3 Lord Mesa

I love Lord Mesa Art he makes the best Fanart :3 
Check his Instagram,Twitter, Youtube, Facebook & tumblr out:

23: Why I've got u on my mind!
Right now I've got "on my mind" by Ellie Goulding on my mind :D

that was all for now Foxies Foxy's Out Cya :D