torsdag den 6. november 2014

Update XD

Update from the land of Foxy Stuff

Sooooooooooo u guys r pretty fast not The Flash fast but Sonic(But its still pretty fast) fast U have reach 778 and i'm on the 20th ..yes this one is the 20th (amazing)  
we have ..around 50somthing days left of the year all i have to say is "aww Fuzznuggets"..yes I'd  quted  Sam from "Sam & Max"

the only question now is who reaches the goal first?

I have good feeling about this xD So I've got some plans for future topics.

  • Nostalgia.
  • The Tie Breaker.
  • Swearing xD
  • Love and other stuff.
  • Alone in dark review.
  • Bioshock Harvest or save?
  • The Alien Feeling
  • Gaming update
  • Fashion tips
  • ??? maybe Pep talking