torsdag den 20. november 2014

Love and other stuff

What's Love?

To some it's like it exist in the matriale world like "My guy loves me because look at this 24carat gold diamond ring he bought me cuz he loves me" yeah some define it by giving u gift to show how much he LOOOOVVVEEEESS u, i'm not a fan of that one cuz I think it's Guilt that made him/her buy that thing to make mend cuz maybe he/she not showed enough intrest in a while, have in mind I don't have the list with all the correct answers, 
But there's also the kind where u love him....for his cash
I don't know about u but I would rather call it greed than love :3

There's other forms of love

the love I define as love is kinda like "the perfect one" u know where it feels like u belong in those big arms like two puzzle pieces X3 but hey what do I know I'm just according to my friend Ylya ....Inteligent or whitty gawd that word "inteligent" x)  but yeah she's a kindhearted soul and I like her alot a friend Foxcubs not the other thing ur little Cupids of Love X3

CYA Foxy's out x3