torsdag den 20. november 2014



Can u remember the good old days?

I sure do and games like Dead space, Bioshock, Silent hill, TTT poker night2, injustice, crash bandicoot etc.

U know sometimes it's the environment like how dead space and Bioshock or silent hill I bring me back to the time I watched alien for the first time on something called a video tape on something called a tape recorder I was ... 7 and it was a late evening and when the movie was over I had to get into my room but first of all I had to pee ...stop imaging young me peeing would u kindly? Buta  the living was pitch black and I was like looking around the living room on my way to the toilet and I was looking around cuz what if the xenomorphs were really XD yeah long story short I got out to the toilet and did what I had to do and jump into and slammed the door to my room.
 Games like Crash bandicoot brings the memories  back when I was 5 u know when something called ps one was out and the first ps one me and my sister got was Crash bandicoot 3 warped and my Sister,mom and little me played it together it was a ton of fun and me and one of my best friends Joshua played Silent hill 2 ...cuz we're megamothafers
It's weird say lavender town and I can sing the tone for u
Some of the creepy pastas that are very famous was something we talked about in third grade it sounds crazy right but morina mordeca glescopf was something we talked about and we had this old windows computer in our class and during recess we saw mmg the 32sec video and Suicide mouse.avi, Smile dog.jpeg, username 666, and somebody told the others about the lavender town syndrome and this was in 2002 that's almost 13 years ago

Injustice made the animated Harley Quinn skin for Harley and it brand me back to when I was little and watched batman the animated series

Since I was little the coolest Superheroes according to me was Spidey, The Scarlet Speedster, green lantern, The emerald Archer, the human torch and of Cuz Hulk.

But the coolest in all DC was the Flash and the coolest in the marvel Universe was Spidey, I once a onesie that had the flash and when I grew to long and big for it it was the saddest day in my little life...until that day where my old mate through 13 years died, he was a good dog, his name was Mickey, he 2yrs old when I started in school and he followed me to school everyday until I was old enough to walk to school on my own then I went for a walk with him every morning before I went to school and when I going to my finale exam he died, it was kinda symbolic cuz now my school life was over and he had been there since the begin and now his life had end the same day as I had made it to the end of school so he had lived out his little duty or something like that :3

I had it like I lost my child, so I'm glad I'm not an elephant otherwise I would have died of sorrow xD but yeah think makes me tear up and but after remembering the good times with him  it me smile he was a good dog, but yeah six years ago.... His name is Idefix everybody says we have a lot in common well we're both born in the end of July( 25th & 28th) we both Leos both us shares Bday with a celeb me & Matt Leblanc, Nolan Funk & Idefix
We're both brown eyed xD On the mental level we're both shy, protective, charming, caring, smiling and we're both able to talk with our eyes

And as a flash I think Grant is doing an amazing job playing Barry Allen and The Flash

That's all  my fox cubs
CYA Foxy's Out :3