fredag den 14. november 2014

Swearing while playing games

Let me Tell ha I swear A lot during Games lately
And before u little Fox Cubs say no shit Sherlock duh who doesn't do that? Hear me out
Me and my sister  played Sega tennis Super stars and I was playing a match against Amy Rose I said "if that filthy stalking cum slut takes on more set I'm gonna smack the ball right up her Herpes farm of a vagina and shove her tennis Racket right up her fucking shit hole and make her throw it up and eat it for breakfast"
My sister laughed and asked if it wouldn't be mean to the Racket and the ball

But yeah not the best thing hehe

Everybody swear during games if it annoys u enough

Me and My sister have a lot when we play games together she tried DS after I had completed it and she met regen necromorph :3 missed him so she called Him something pretty bad I wil spare u Fox cubs  but it had something to do with lobotomy but instead of a Cute Ice pick she would use übermorph McDickcockingAssShit own D*@# and F#@ the Sh#@ out of his puny slut Brain XD did I Mentioned She's not good with a gun in games and she missed him and he killed Isaac Clarke :3  ....My sister likes I/C Alot cuz his a badass XD
My sister and I considered to film it when we play cuz ..We're golden when we swear it's funny to hear two "polite" Adults Swear like Saliors XD

but we all do it 
it's like kissing the pain away or swearing it away like when ur get hurt u sometimes swear it out and helps alot! so keep Swearing at Dumb B#@...! in video games and be little more civille in real life :D

A Shout out to one Pawesome Artist on Deviantart is MoishPain She's Fucking at making realistic art this Is one of her art pieces 

U can by Prints of her Artworks on devi and u should defy check it out 

CYA Foxy's Out :3