torsdag den 20. november 2014


So rumour has it Grant "The Flash" Gustin is not gonna play The Flash in movie ....soooo Mr. Stephen "Green Arrow" Amell is pissed at DC I'm Pissed and... alot of The Flashes or The Flashonistas (we have some cool names right) but yeah The Flarrow commuinity is furious imaging if they where making a doctor who movie without Matt Smith as The Doctor how would they....oh yeah but imaging that he wasn't "killed"or "Reborn" or whateves it's called how would u feel or a movie about Loki without Tom Hiddleston as Loki or the terminator without good ol' Arny, X-men with Hugh Jackman as wolverine imaging ur fandom made a movie but the person who u'd loved would be playing he or she's part how would u feel? that feeling Foxcubs is the feeling we Flashes and Flashionista may have to cob with if DC get's the finally word Stephen Amell told them that it wouldn't suprise him if they found another one to play Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the JLA Movie The Flash was the most viewings after two episodes...TWO EPISODES it's a HIT series I wouldn't go to the cinema and Watch the Flash nor JLA the movies if it's not Grant "The Flash" Gustin and Stephen "Green Arrow" Amell but I think Mr.Amell could pull some strings to get it right After all he is the Robert Downey Jr. of DC so maybe they have a change of heart ...pls Steph do it for the Flarrow community The click on The Flash in the top to get the "article"

the 2nd and 3rd of december Arrow and Flash will meet in an epic crossover so remeber to watch The Flash december 2nd and Arrow 3rd this gonna be AWESOME!