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Alone in the dark review

Alone in the Dark review

Stine er mega sød og utrolig smuk og dejlig :-) - Stine 

Spoiler alert

Alone in the dark is not a game about u(Edward something something)being alone in the dark is more like about u (Edward something something) fighting Satan and his army of darkness to unleash hell on earth New York ...oh yeah the army contains Humanz, Batz & Ratz I shit u not They are called Humanz, Batz and Ratz uh and do u get a boomstick Noooooh chainsaw? Noooooh and is there one tiny thing I've learned from watching the Evil dead trilogy is the way to fight the army of darkness is u gotta have and use a chainsaw and a boomstick....and don't read the necronomicon in the first place, but ahem back to AD not many know is that it's a remake fun fact it has NOTHING to do with the original Alone in the Dark, the only they have in common is the title and the main character's name Edward ....something it's a 8 chapter long story the plot starts for real around the end of chapter 5 and the beginning of chapter 6 .... I mean know "good"  horror novels gets more juicy around the middle of the book but for a game that is 8 chapters long that is not da best thing to do

And the story don't tell how Edward ...who is actually 100 years old, escaped.. Or came to be Lucifers cum slut in hell... Com'on I bet he took the fucking philosopher's stone that A ghost gave him shut it up his accident ass and was beamed down there by Scotty and then he plugged it out his ass a 100 years later because hell was Dull and came back with amnesia, but hey maybe he did who knows maybe he did that would actually more sense than the whole in this game...oh yes ur not Alone at all I mean u have the nosey gal Sarah who is like Ashley from RE 4 we all remember her right? Aww she was in the way all the time she was like Jar Jar Binks except Sarah takes the Cake which is not a lie this time :3 and don't even get me starting on the controls and weapons okay let's stay cool

I had some hope that it would be an awesome game but sadly no what A shame I would rate it 2 outta 5 no actually 1/5 outta 5 it was really bad if u ask me but it's up to u Fox Cubs if wanna buy anyway it's fine by me but I wouldn't recommend it. CYA Foxy's Out