torsdag den 20. november 2014

Bioshock Save Or Harvest

To Harvest or to Save a Lil' Sister that's the question!
didn't Harmlet never say but I didn't either cuz I'm too much of a Brigid Tenenbaum to make evil stuff like Frank Fountaine   
I seriously love the Bio Shock series alot it's brings back "I'm all alone but I am not" feeling u know it's u know u should be alone walking around Rapture except ur not and u know that any minute now a big daddy or a splicer is gonna jump right up and attack u
it's like watching the good ol' Alien movies u know Ripley all alone(not in the beginning buta you know) in a big arse spaceship with a Big nasty Xenomorph ready
Xenomorph's don't do that cenobites(which are from Hell) but Thx for ya input xD

that's the feeling thx morphius the Xenomorph XD
but yeah it's that certain feeling when u feel unsafe although u shouldn't 

Everytime i meet a lil' sister she is just too cute to harvest... u know i'm to much of a Barry Allen to actually harvest her   
 it's pretty simple i have a pretty huge nursing Gene where I become pretty much like a female Gorilla Human or gorilla a baby is a baby and a baby need a mommy...or in my case a daddy so yeah I protect Ma gals like a boss  Big Daddy XD

it's hard to take away their "Daddy" in order to become their StepDad and I don't Blame Brigid Tenenbaum for what happent it wasn't her intention to create lil' monster outta lil' gals so they could be used for EVIIIIL! she was just a scapegoat for Frank Fountaine it's kinda sad to think about 
Sorry i'm not going there cuz 

 I don't want to XD

Franky Boy did something pretty evil..*cough* Pardon me EEEEEEEVVVVAAAALLL!!! there we go he took lil' denfenceless innocent Gal away from their famillies and put them into his orphange in rapture to harvest ADAM from them after they swallowed the seaslug that turned them into lil' sisters
but it's Tenenbaum's research that let to the discovery of ADAM & EVE
A huge Shortout to HeirofRapture for making these please check HoR's artworks out on Tumblr as u didn't know was that it ships Atlas with Jack click on the pic of Jack right here and it take u there Foxcubs CYA
Foxy's Out :3