torsdag den 20. november 2014

Snowbarry or Baris or Barlicity?

If u ask Me I root for Barry & Felicity cuz They are soooooooooooooooo Cute together but he loves Iris and she loves Oliver but at least they found out that they r in the same Boat :3

Iris and Barry I don't ship them that hard Cuz she's with Eddy Thawne and she doesn't quite get DA Signs of Barry is totally lost in her...hmmm makes me wonder...naaah i haven't missed the signs..yet X3 maybe it's because some people just u know it's easy to see trust me alot of my exs gave it away by walking into the door like Barry did, but yeah I know how he feels it's not funny to love somebody who doesn't love u the same way back. it's cute that she makes her Blog about the streak The Flash for Barry because she finally believe in the impossible

Caitlin Snow & Barry since Barry "can't" get Felicity  because of stuff I second ship him with Caitlin because He can "warm" her "Cold, Cold Heart" like her "dead" fiancee Ronnie could but yet again maybe it's on the friend level but anyway