tirsdag den 27. december 2016

Hard work and dedication

So I'm getting better as Pharah ?......and getting use to the "buff" for Symentra Seriously u newmentra Plays Don't know what hard Work and dedication means cuz I see a lot play her now...it's nice that somebody finally appreciate her but yeah I can't believe they had to nerf/buff her in order for that to happen, the buff thing she got a proton shield, two Ults, and longer range, the nerf(or as some would say Buff) her Sentry turrets Haven't gotten sooooooo much easier to get all 6 out back in the day we had to wait for her 4th 5th and 6th To reload ....and u would have a very Short time to do it sigh C'est la vie N'est Par? 

So a character I have a hard time with is Zarya like I'm getting "better" as her but there's still a long way to go ;3 and with hard work and dedication I believe it could happen, just like with Sym and Genji Bae ;3