lørdag den 17. december 2016

Studies in terror landmarks of horror cinema review

 I had this book for 3-4years now and U know me I love horror movies if u ask me it's the best gift u can give ur horror horny Friend cuz it tells them about the huge iconic movies that changed the Horror Reciepe before I read the book (yes I can and do read books hurray)  I knew about the golden age Horror movies like Them!, the wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Alfred Hitchcock Classic  like psycho, of course alien, a Nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, IT and The fly and I knew Horror actually also was a part of The French history With théâtre macabra in Paris .....of course France always Had a claw clung hard into my shoulder due to it's enchanting romantic atmosphere I can still feel that French "claw" within my shoulder everytime I hear windowmaker or Nolan Gerard Funk speaks French it's just óuh Lala trés bien mais c'est la vie mes petit Renards.  And yes Mes Petit Renards I speak French too and I'd seen some French horror movies Such as "Les Yeux sans visage" or "the eyes without a face" and Gritos en la noche/L'horrible Docteur Orlof US Foxies u know it as the awful dr. Orlof and GB Foxies it's the demon Doctor but yeah the author is Jonathan Rigby and he walks through Horror movie landmarks from 1919 til 2009 so around 90 years of  movie horror history I'm a guy who doesn't give two shits about what happened in Danish history when it comes to castles royalties and what not sure Denmark have so cool history but yeah other countries have soo cooler stories like India's  history or GB Anyways it's cool book ;3 I give it 4,7 foxpaws outta 5 btw I'll will do more book reviews in the future cuz I'm always talking culture or like the gaming and Spirit related one but culture is soooo much more