tirsdag den 27. december 2016

No no no no no NO!

So today is a today that where the earth stood still AGAIN and if ur one of those people who's been living under a rock well I don't know whether to envy u or feel bad for ya cuz today a truly remarkable Woman die Guys, Gals and otherkins I'm talking about Carrie Fisher or as we all know and Love her as Princess Leia As Kid I remember saying to my mom and Grandma " I wanna Be just like her" and my grandma was like "but she's a girl Little Foxy" and I said "so what She's superCool and doesn't need Han Solo nor Luke They need Her cuz She's fucking Badass and ur just Jealous cuz u ain't that cool and old" then lil' me was grounded for two days for Swearing and being a Sassy little Foxy Leia. 

But yeah Princess Leia was fuck it, is the most Badass Princess of all Time and she was...Fuck it! She is one of my Childhood heroes alongside The Flash, Spider-Man and Ryan Reynolds. Today we as the Planet Earth Cry out in pain cuz we didn't just loose a princess we once again lost the People's Princess and a huge inspiration for more than just my generation, we lost a Gender equality And female empowerment icon. I don't think that we would have gotten most or some of our Female Heroes or villains or strong female Characters we have today... Like Nebula, LSP(she got the Sassiness), white canary, Symentra, Tracer etc. Even Little Rey 

R.I.P Carrie Fisher may the Force Be with u on ur journey through the Unknown