lørdag den 17. december 2016

Party like it's 2099

So my Homeboy Noah invited me to a party event that his job is putting together new recruits and u know what? Foxy's gonna Do what Foxy does best....no it's not playing as Genjimor Symmetra ;3 it's being Sly charming flirty Person. Don't give me that look if u have a magnetic personality well u should put it to good use besides I could maybe dip my pointy lil snout in some honey t'night ...by that I mean another Job so I can call quits on the old without worrying about wether or not I can afford living it's not like A made a Deal with the Jersey Devil or the Crooked man. Btw A little Girl tip I was taught as a kid was use what nature gave u...and by that and in this case is use ur special abilities, mine is my magnetic personality or yeah my honest sweet caring strong person and yes I am that and I never flirt on purpose I usually end up flirting with people I find interesting and when I flirt ended up in a philosophical talk with people ;3 but yeah I'm going there with Joe and Noah so we're gonna have a funny Guys night out Eventhough Joe is a young woman.... She's one of us guys and we're two guys so it's Guys night out Kay :3 
Foxy Bae of the night Danielle Panabaker (wolfhowl)