torsdag den 15. december 2016

The grass is always greener

So I'm quitting my job due to my district boss so the boss of my boss 
Cuz well as a salesassistent I alongside the team were promised that this were the company where there was place a for anybody and everyone, as u know I dyed my hair blue Royal blue 
Well my boss' boss told my boss that it's wasn't allowed alongside Dreadlocks(funny enough one of my Colleagues have that hair style) cuz what if little old Mrs. Johnson came down and saw one of us and got Scared... I ended up smiling telling my boss that what would the big district boss like then me shaving my head cuz Skinheads would be more freighting for lil' old Mrs Johnson than me with Blue hair. My boss told me "of course he wouldn't want me to shave my head but maybe cut big chunk of the blue hair cuz maybe Mrs Johnson would be scared by my blue hair and when the average normal person go out to shop they want somebody average and non weird looking person they can relate to" fun Fact the elders loved my hair and cracked a few jokes Asking if I could dye it Purple or Hot pink or maybe even green next time. Some even said it's looked Good to me. My boss told later on that all the customers seemed to really care and love lil' corky silly me, and I told him that's because they are some goofballs too, they can relate or even respect me as I am because I respect them too with all their quirks and stuff and Eventhough I hear the same old person joke for the 100th time during my day shift I still laugh as hard cuz it's still somewhat funny, and sometimes it's that lil trip to our store, getting A good laughter or human contact that makes them and us get uP in the morning. So last night I took a big chunk of the old Fox tail and guess what lil old Mrs Johnson actually said Foxy what the hell happened with ur hair it looks Dull u know I loved ur blue hair. And I told her why I had to cut it and she told me it was such shame such colourful being had to get all the colour drained from it just to aplease the big boss guy cuz he had such a square view of reality. And it made me smirk and I told her thanks for saying that cuz yeah I thought the logic behind it was stupid. 

Cuz we're not allowed to wear any colour except for our uniform which is Pitch black. 
And something just Snapped inside of me cuz if our store is a place for anyone and everybody how come we as Employees ain't allowed to be us u know with dreadlocks, colourful hair, a sparkly serviceminded nature why does the odd ones always have to act 'normal' it feels so fake like ur putting on this mask porcelain mask and sit still and are being a pretty little dolly like ugh! It's really two faced like u say we're welcome to anyone and Everybody but only if they act like norm and looks like norm and are living by the norm, like dressing up animals sure it looks cute and some animals like it but the rest is like Why?!? Why mommy why are u making me look like this I ain't cutesy lil pup I'm a big bad wolf arrrrrooooooooo?

Like imagine that u were forced to be a special type of person and u were only allowed to be them u couldn't be u then who the fuck are u then are u being u no ur not if u ask me cuz if u take that special little quirk that makes u, u or that key characteristic that people identify u by, outta of ya are u then still u would u look in the mirror and say Heey that's me... Maybe to me it's a no Cuz the spark would be gone 

I couldn't recognised myself cuz this wasn't me this Plain Jane I was looking at in the mirror, he wasn't me. I'm wild Spirit that rest calmly within my body they are in balance my body and mind, so I can feel when somebody is trying to pull them apart or change one of them just to fit inside a Picture perfect frame, I'm not perfect, and I couldn't care less about being perfectly "normal" 
If u like singing sing even if ur neighbours ears bleed of course not three in the morning but yeah find a balance 

I'm not quitting due to a forced haircut, I'm quitting my job cuz I feel like the company I'm working for is one big promotional cloud of Smoke and Mirrors like I don't feel that the goofy ones is respresended propperly cuz we have to be So square in order to aplease the masses aka. Our bosses imaginary squared picture of the world. pretty little plain Jane barbie doll that is so picture perfect that nobody can ever match u, I'm not about that I'm a man of the people, the tall ones, the small ones, the ones with A fiery Bush, the dinosaurs, fuck it even lil Draco Malfoy. 

So I'm quitting because I won't loose myself as a human being and or myself