søndag den 4. december 2016

The return of She-Wesker?

Soooo there should be a little girl in Resi 7. a creepy girl not Lisa or Scarlett from silent hill Creepy but yeah 

So according to some theorist that's actually Natalia from Resi Revaltions 2, I mean sure Albert Wesker's Sister Alex Wesker....I swear t' The sweet taste of Jack Daniels if we have one more A. Wesker Sibling or Family member I'm gonna say they're Family Have a Kink with the letter A. Not as in sex but Seriously Alex, Albert next thing u know Might be Their dad's name was I don't know Alfred Wesker and mom might be Alice Wesker could u imagine that sigh (btw We don't know The Wesker's parents' names so don't worry at least Albert did Give Jake An A surName nor did jack get The infamous Lastname Wesker ..... Pls Tell me u know Jake Muller is Wesker's Son

Sorry I went out on a limb again so theory goes that Natalia or Evitalia(Evil Natalia) is the girl why people think that is because it takes place 4 years after Resi R2 Eviltalia(She-Wesker's mind in Natalia)
Would have grown to the age of the girl um yeah, for u who don't know SPOILER ALERT 4 RESI R2 
She-Wesker as Barry Burton Called Alex Wesker transferee her mind into Natalia or mind linked herself into Natalia's mind, so when She Wesker's Body died She would live on in Natalia...cuz like Albert, Alex is a sly Vixen well ...Albert was a sly fox cuz he was a dude. But yeah She-Wesker lies beneath the sweet innocent abducted Girl and is just waiting to get out and play she even "say" mentally that's she'll be back when Natalia smirks 
BUT....Is u get the Good ending Barry adopts Natalia and if she acted "She-Wesker-ish" wouldn't he or Moira notice I know Barry is not the brightest member of STAR....but neither is Chris hunky Mc Yummy 
Redfield ....That's the huge con against theory, the other part is that the creator said that the Resi heroes We know and love will have minor roles or small Cameos in the game in the demo beginnings hours there are three Phone calls and it sounds like Ada Wong YaY I love her she is one of my favourite Resi characters cuz She's awesome and sassy 

But I would Love the return of She-Wesker cuz she just the better Wesker sorry She just seem a tad more Evil then Albert 

So yeah 
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