torsdag den 5. januar 2017

Yush in the puss

I Finally got Young Genji *Giggles* yatah ;3  and with the winter update is almost over and I'd almost got every Christmas Skin for starters I only wanted McCree, Sombra , Pharah, Reaper, the first thing I'd got was Zennytta the Nuttcracker ;3 ...the only skins I'm missing is Zarya, Roadhog, Winston and Thorbjörn's but the only thing I want is Symentra's heroic Highlight she is one of my mains ;3 and when I sHit hits the Fan I pull some WindowMaker Moves even when I'm a biiiiiiiit drunk....Hehe Thx DOOM 4 teaching me how to Aim 4 the Heads....(Downunder and upstairs) guess Johnny Cage Taught me to hit Downunder anyways um yeah but yeah besides Young Genji right after I'd got his Sparrow Skin(the one in this lovely Fanart down below) btw lil update got all the winter Skins and the biggest disappointment was the Zarya Frosted Skin i mean seriously she only got some Snow in her hair and Sleeves, she reminds me of my Sister  they both have "changed" abit except they haven't at all case and point it looks 'xactly like one of her other suits grrr