fredag den 27. januar 2017

OH...My...Genji Booty

I love Resi 7... There's a twist in the game I watched Mr.darkphoenix and I's fellow twitcher/Youtuber MykolasGX play Resi7 the whole way through and gosh the twist had me and Mykolas going OMG?!

If u already know the twist don't tell people what it is cuz this is a Huge ass Twist and we're talking Silenthill 2 and Bioshock huge like those pictures when u see it u can not unsee it 

I'll give u this little hint  or rather I quote Mark "Luke Skywalker" "The Trickster " "The Joker" Hamill himself he is not in the game and now I think about I won't cuz ur such smart Foxies that u will figure it out anyway ;3