onsdag den 27. maj 2015

working on something

Grodd I don't like Exam but i'm chil about it right now...which is kinda a Bad omen but yeah whateves what doesn't kill makes u ..wounded and somehow stronger XD

i'm also working on some fics and guess what? I don't know if I should Publish them I'm gonna make my Gorgeous friend Ylya read them cuz she's so really good at keep me comfy and calm at mind :3

um Sorry I guess but I maybe I publish them but my working titles are: Ketchup! and Icing the cake so if u find somebody with those titlels then maybe it's me maybe not maybe Somebody came up with the same titles

Oh grodd and the wordpress blog 
guess I'm gonna be alittle busy :3

CYA YA Foxy's out :D