mandag den 11. maj 2015

Games and U

Have you ever considered that the decade u were born and the games U'd played as younger might have affected u?

Don't worry kiddies mortal kombat & Scorpion haven't made u into a crazed killing machine...remember when that was a thing? gosh I feel old actually I'm getting old just ask Nightwing, Bane, and SuperBoy well heck even Harley Quinn we all turn 30 the same year...2023 so yeah we're ten years young than Luigi which always have a special in my heart cuz I know how it is to be the younger brother everybody seems to like u more and ur older siblings wants to chock u, I think that rule applies to every bro couple except for the Wayne family Everybody loves Dick....Grayson 

sorry I just had to make that pause to see if u've got ur head in the gutter which some people have and others don't it's weird but funny I grew I was born in 1993 and let me say kiddies that was the day's the games were awesome in the 90's we had Sonic, Metal gear solid, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil! We had batman, The Flash  and Spidey on the telly I miss the old days ....where video games were so much more than COD and GET OVER HERE! I need t' smack a pony 360 no scope but yeah 

my point was that we all have a certain view and sometimes it shows in the games we play or have played or the comics we read whatever we do something or someone had co-created u and right now ur either skeptic or ur nodding how do i know that because Every action has an equal and oppersite reaction or that's how Isaac Newton i usally just say every action has a reaction and eventhough u don't react to it u made a reaction cuz ur reaction to the action is not to react to it BAM welcome to a paradox cuz how can a non reaction be and reaction right... sory back on track 

so I have some skeptics when it comes to big corperations everybody has that right, but yeah I grew up with Resident Evil and I'd played  some other games where there has been a big evil corperations but yeah everywhere u saw somebody with he or she was always doing it for his or hers own crooked ways I'd read some Spiderman 2099 u know 
big Corp runs the city it's my cousin's fault he bought me a Spiderman 2099 action figure for my 7th birthday I still have him....I should really consider what I tell u guys XD Just kidding I feel i could tell u guys anything and everything like I bought some sexy new underwear and I fucking Love them I wouldn't post a pic cuz Eyeballwashers isn't invented Yet .. btw Im just courious as hell and I love mysteries and uncover them so i'm one of those peeps that keeps gets so much more out of the batman games I F*cking Love those little riddles and the CSI stuff god if I could I would be a forenics scientest  or a Detective it's wierd when I was little I wanted to be an anstronaut or an achioligist Diggin for old stuff yeah when I got older I would love to be either FS, Dick, Actor or fashion designer I Fucking loving diggin my nose in to stuff I even evolve theories about stuff and fuck I love games where u have to think and uncover the truth that's why I games Like Silent Hill, Resi, BAA, BAC Outlast, Murdered: soul Suspect...Btw just for my furture Detective record I figure out who the Bell tower killer(S)  was/Were before the game showed it but I just like when games make u think that's why I like minimalism where u the reader have to connect the dots Fnaf makes a minimalistic approach u know u doesn't get all the answer and I just love it 
where does Nightwing, Flash & 90's Spidey fit in well as the youngest I was born to be funny,  but yeah my mouth is one of my biggest and baddest weapons 
i'm witty so what that's pretty Ice to know right and i just like making peeps smile
one of my friends calls me her little deathray of sunshine what can i say if she doesn't smile i'll make her piss her pants laughing that's why she use the term deathray XD because when we start laughing we can't stop until it hurts 
I love that feature in person especially when they forget why they were laughing and begins laughing about that Mr. or Ms. lover 2099 in the row please oh please have that special feature XD 


and I'm gonna play RESI 4 and 5 find out WHY oh WHY Chris Redfields big guns is a problem and why some think RESI 5 is bad because of that and the fact that it's more action oriented than Horror but yeah  CYA Foxies I have some Regeneration Bitches to slay JUST LIKE IN DEAD SPACE!!!! YAY 

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