tirsdag den 19. maj 2015

New logo trying & Wordpress

so Bats talked about one day she will make a new logo

reminds of mr. & mrs. perfect for me they promised that as well so only time will tell XD

oh my dreams tell me i'm gonna see it soon like three months from now which means it's probably gonna take 6 months or more who knows

BUUUTT I'm gonna try something weird I'm gonna run two blogs at the same time X3

I feel that i have to at least try it out and since Bats is Bragging so much about it and How pro it is so yeah I gotta see HOW "pro" it is but yeah I'll be blogging about something else overthere everyday stuff like a dumb diary made by a dumb bi guy with a dumb heart getting into somebody's mind exciting ne pas ? poor u Foxies i wouldn't look inside it's a whole new reality maybe not.. but yeah i'll try to run as fast as I can :3
have I ever considered the fact that I love u Foxies too much? ;3

the answer is no i have not consindered it yet cuz u guys..& Gals make me want to run the extra mile and puke up my organs 10mins after we got to the finish line and bro hugged tightly :D

 I don't think like some peeps i know, i don't see this as my duty to post every single day or like I HAVE TO or else my life is ruined, I see it like a little thing I do for fun and u make it feel that

Thank u so much making it fun for me :3 :3

Hottie Of the day XD Nolan Gerard Funk