mandag den 11. maj 2015

Back again

missed me? 

I missed u guys....and Gals :3 
it's been so long...Note to self "don't contiuing singing that song" 
well where have Been! Note to self: "remember what i told u before kid" 
very I have been to the Big Apple!!!!
I lived close to the Fantastic 4 but I didn't see the Baxter building but I lived, shopped, loved, ate etc. on Columbus Circle..okay near CC I lived on 63rd street on the west YMCA Hostel alongside the craziest People on earth...besides my friends the peeps i'm talking about are four of my teachers & 85 students for our High school :3 25 of the peeps were my Class mates and they are all very lovely but mostly amazingly Crazy 
Love u guys ur fucking Batshit Crazy but u own a special places in my heart <3

but yeah I didn't only went to CC I actaully went everywhere in NYC except for Harlem but yeah it was mega awesome and I gotta tell ya u GOT 2 exprience the villages (Greenwich, East, West) and Chelsea of course Chelsea have this cute center called Chelsea Market and my gawd it is sooooooooooo... cute

at Chelsea market I met two goofy girls their names were Brittany and Samantha
and I've   

got some connection with Bond No.9 which is a store that makes and sells uni sex perfumes yes u heard me UNISEX Both men and women can wear it i was close to buy one with Honey ...have i ever mentioned that I like Sweet stuff like Honey, Mapple Syrup.... but I like Sour things as well pretty sour things actually my favourite sweets are those where it's so sour that makes ur face implode okay maybe not implode cuz it doesn't exist but so sour that it makes lips crawl inside ur mouth .... u know what I mean ... oh god i love lemons and limes the Mr. & Ms. imperfect if ur listern Mapple syrup and Lemon 

and I was invited on a date (it went well Just Ask Olly)
Punched good ol' Cap. ....because ....just because that's just Because I COULD DO IT XD
Also I went for Efor on 168 8th Ave. NY NY 10011 the hilarious part was all week I'd been looking for Midtown Comics and I'd found it when I was looking for Efor and then I met an awesome girl named Lauren and her Father why do I mention a little Girl I'd met In midtown Comics besides she was awesome well she was huge Flash & Grant Gustin Fan...speaking of which reminds me of a Photographer who photographed celebs FUN FACT he thought I was Grant Gustin.... another fun fact  we don't look a like at all and I have Brownish red hair atm Grant have Chestnut .... hehe Olly was like the photographer thought we looked alike ... but Olly told me we had simmular, one of my close Guy friends tells me the same their cute, the photo dude not cute, ....why do I tell u guys who is cute and not cute ....hmmm because if I didn't somebody somewhere is gonna Ask me xD Bonus Fact Grant Gustin Is Cute :D   

I could have been at a Cocktailparty at Friday(but said no cuz my flight home was late friday evening and I had to check in at JFK) 
My flight got canceled so at the very last minute but it seemed plan by the airline  FUCK U NORWEGIAN! UR CHEAP AS FUCK AIRLINE I COULD HAVE BEEN AT A COCKTAIL PARTY!!!! JHDASHFJKNSKVNEVBBNVBSKVJBNJVBNNVJKSDNLCNNJHCMCX,HFCALCMX GAAH!!! if I had a dime for everytime Norwegian had fucked my none virgin ass I would have 5 dimes outta 5 dimes outta 8 that's 2 dimes too much in my book :3
...also I'd bought "some" clothes and a Book Robbie Rogers "Coming out to Play"  I would recommend it so give it a shot I'm not a Sucker for Soccer but Rogers makes it so much easier to understand it than ur best Jock friend so don't fear the soccer ball kick it! 

Foxy's out  CYA :3