tirsdag den 12. maj 2015

So Bats Flew

Yeah Bats(Kawaii Cherish) flew her way over to wordpress.com althought she at first was skeptic I have been a little late with telling she began Primo April but her last post was Ultimo April and we're in medio May Whoops I should Date that much and My teachers shouldn't give us big ass assignments But yeah I'm more than ready to write my dong off ...no I don't write on with my dong...so erase that mental pic from u mind asap pretty Pls :D
we both attended at the Sakura Festival in April FUN FACT: we didn't meet eachother there which is wierd cuz "Langlinje"(where the little mermaid  's at)isn't that big it's quite small but anyway Check her out other wise i have to do this to help her out
Don't worry I don't do things like that I just fucking love that scene from DP the Game XD
BUT CHECK THE LINK OUT NOW!!! Pretty plz with love, Hugs, and big Foxcub eyes 

Hottie of the Day .... Steven R.(auw) McQueen