torsdag den 3. september 2015

Shopping's done fics start

so I'd been out shopping and oh god....I look acording to my sweet sweet New York date from back when I was in New york in March Olly thinks I look very very Dapper :D

I really don't know is it toooo fancy XD 
I bought the blazer and the bowtie sooooo 550 danish kroner was used that day 
have I got my sneakers nooo but then I asked my Rad stepdad if he had some fine shoes cuz we share the same shoes size and If girls can share shoes why can't we guys do the same right but no he didn't so dear Daddy

no I did K word him I hugged him and said alright so my mom was like she was gonna buy them and I s was Like Nope because I'm my own little Dumb Person and I wanna buy my own stuff #Indenpented #IWannaBuyMyOwnShit

so I texted one of my friends Milo about it and he told me I was Being Dumb #NewFlash #FoxyIsDumb and I should say Yes to the offer but look at it from my point of view it's like making a rule that everytime ur not prepared mom and pops does it for u, that's not so inderpendent besides I don't like being in debt because maybe those 10 bucks was important maybe those were the bucks that made them living through to the end of the month 

and now u have the Learned the biggest weakness but also the greatest asset to a Leo their big arse heart and mind. A leo would sacrifice their own happieness for urs and yup sometimes it's tough because We really really really like our friends and we would do anything but back on topic so I fought my own way of thinkin and then I just gave in so did H&M have My sneakers NO! so I have to wear some fancy mobster shoes urgh! not a fan not my style Feeling like a Pooch in Dog fashion show not awesome not awesome but I bought something that made my frown turn around a new shirt 

oh yeah and My Funkos had Arrived Yeahy XD

I know It's just me being Sally McSaltyTits but i'm not the type that usually use Shoes Like that but À Rome, fais comme les Romains ne pas? XD
but my guess is that I just need to get use to wearing these Shoes and that's why I'm wear them right now so i can get use to it and I'm already half disliking them :D
Hottie Of the Day

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