onsdag den 16. september 2015

Single again

Ouch it stings like a Yellow Jacket but i'm up and doing what I do best...work my arse offf and run, run like the Flash just feeling the rain drops on my face and cool down eventhough this break is something special it's my...... no it's not like that special what do u take me for a starsaphire ahhahahha no seriously it was special because nobody was the bad guy in this because both of us found out that the long distance between us and u know even though u think ur superman or the frigging B-man or doomsday or whateves u can't live without hugs and smooches once in a while

there's no way on earth ur able live without otherwise U need a check on that little brain of urs hun :3 but yeah even though it hurts it's for the best and I don't know why but breaking up with a guy is sooo much easier because u don't have to face the mantis or the tarantula afterwards that just wanna bite ur head(s) and I wished i was making it up but c'mon ladies I know I know a guy does simply not survive a breakup if he's the one breaking up because then u (& I) gets sad and then hope that he gets what's coming for him in most cases my inner mantis(let me remind u I grew up with my older sister and mom so if anybody think I sound girly or like a huge bitch...it's their fault they taught the way of women :D)

but yeah my inner mantis shows up for like 5mins and they she leaves the building searching for karma and vanilla Ice cream xD where SOME girls can become "The Mantis" for years I'm NOT a psych but I guess it's because we Men back when we more muscular and less dapper we had to hunt for food together and everybody had to relie on eachother because the job at hand was to get food so fuck that one of us was a huge dick one can of whoop ass mano e mano and that was it we got along like brothers again u mi ladies had and still proclaim to the brain where we have the brawns  we can go toe to toe with eachother for fun to duke it out and get it out of our system where ladies obvisly have a Ladies don't fight rule so u make an plot to send the bitch through hell over something stupid like she looked at ur crush eventhough she knew u were soo much into him. my point is guys is like wolves we look at the prey and hunt it down where u ladies are so lovely to look at everything else while chasing the prey :D but Yeah :D

it quite funnt :D
but I better look ahead and be crazy about another human being but first i wanna keep my emotions under controll so I'll be a little Icy for a while but I'm gonna keep blogging cuz when Love hurts the job gets my focus :3

       have I ever told u how much I dig the KF costume? no well too bad it'll be something I'll do in the future...hopefully

Hottie of Tonight/day

                                                             Frank Cammarata 

Foxy's out CYA YA :*