onsdag den 9. september 2015

Minerva's den Review

after I um Winter Blasted my self because Of Reasons #NotReally  i gave them the cold Shoulder
Don't be in my way The Cold is coming

But I loved Minerva's den Dlc more than the actual Bioshock 2 mainly because of the plot twist 
I can't remember if there was a twist in Bioshock 2 okay before I tell u the twist I say just in case u haven't played it yet SPOILER ALERT! U'd been warned cuz Elly(Eleanor)becomes a BigSister 
Where in MD U Sigma have a Awful lot in common with Mr.Porter.....I'm not telling u what but I'll give a hint James Sutherland & Pyramid Head sorta like that

But yeah I felt more connected to Sigma than Delta, I think it was because of Porter's story and his wife Pearl where Delta was just Chasing his & Sofia lamb's daughter Elly 
Yeah I give my sidekicks nicknames hehe Eleanor is called Elly, Elisabeth is called Lizzy, Lisbeth, etc. 

But yeah I felt a connection to Porter he's an easy guy to empathise with where In Delta's case it was a big harder because he was BD and we didn't know so much about the poor Fellar but we get to know porter Right of the bat in Minerva's Den

I also just loved the plasmid Gravity Well 

My over all thought about Minerva's den is ..IT'S A MUST HAVE because what Bioshock 2 Lacked off Minerva's Den makes up for that plot twist and all when I think Bioshock 2 I think about Minerva's den that's how Great the DLC compared to the main game

I'll give my rating of 8 foxy Paws outta 10

Eugene Bauder

Foxy's out CYA :3