torsdag den 3. september 2015

Love and other feelings

okay a week ago  there was a fucking Spider in our fucking Classroom sorry me rephrase that Fuck was a fucking spider in the fucking Classroom I don't where it was but I want it to die.......okay it had to go out of the window cuz it was icky But yeah I Haven't seen it since #ThankGodBuddhaOrWhoEverIsInCharge

so yeah Feelings is are rather important because if u don't get it out u will eventually bottle them up and suddenly they come out much stronger than normal because it have been supressed for so long....
If u Have seen The Flash  and Arrow crossover with Rainbow Rider u know what am Talking about :D

But yeah Love is as strong as Anger and Fear but don't worry showing ur emotions it makes u sexier :) and it shows ur a Human

Hottie of tommorw 
Matt Terry