onsdag den 26. august 2015

Funko List /Shit I Have to buy

So Yeah U old should Know I Love Pop! Funkos by now and newcomers HEEY Foxy here and I love funkos
Sooooooho  I deciced to share my little shopping List AKA my HUGE shopping list XD
I need so Nice new shoes because I have like 4pair of shoes (NOT ENOUGH SHOES!!) besides we have this prom kinda thing in September and this guy is not going to look like some ordenairy guy 
okay i'm not gonna look like a peacock cuz Seriously what is up with that at some point it's just uurgh why do u have look like someting ur not, why not join the false face society afterwards...
don't get me if u like wearing fancy clothes wear it okay stay true so I looked some shoes and I'm more a Sneaker guy I saw some polished shoes and Boy, Girl, Horse or Super being let me tell ya i'm glad I wanna buy Funko POP! Disgust cuz yak it was horrible #SorryNotSorry 
quickie question Who's my favorite Inside out Character?
Kawaii Cherish's is Sadness ... btw she is going to see it Thursday, I'd seen a little bit of it still Sadness is just too sad for me and Joy looks like a blue haired tinkerbell there I said it I dissed Joy 

I mean Look at this oh yeah Back to the topic so yeah I saw some shoes and I'm gonna buy the sneaks end of story :3 new story time 
then I Looked up pants fuck some pants that was dull ( except for three pairs that was totally wuup wup)
I fell in the love with the suit and afterwards the pants but do they have the Blazer NOOO! #SadnessIsReal
the second pair was not as nice as these but I like them with the blazer cuz I'm weird go see ur psych u need help #JK
and the slacks the goes with it 
but I love the it as a whole thing 
the last pair is a pair of Chinos .... not gonna happend cuz it's prom sooooh noooh chinos 
on to the my Funko buy list Bwahahahhahah!

1# Blue Lantern Flash Metallic version

Blackest Night ReverseFlash

CW Cap. Cold
CW Black Canary
CW Green Arrow
#9 Batman Beyond
Derby Harley
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