torsdag den 6. august 2015

Foxy Hair dying to a purple rain Blonde it up gurrll XD And other stuff

so yeah we hit a beautiful mark on July 25th Thank U so so much I love u...too much but yeah I've got so stuff so cute and a Meh present XD

so let's start with the Meh one....I've got a tshirt and a Pig piggy bank...from my sister and Grandma....not to sound like as that pretty pretty princess that y'all think i am right now especially in my head XD but it's like the ugly thing at christmas u except ur grandma just bought it because she forgot to buy u a present earlier but yeah i know it's the thought behind but if I can see u just bought it five mins ago from ALDI cuz the freaking Price sticker is still on and it's just where's the thought about "oh shit forgot to buy my grandchild a present the guy has a shit load of clothes uh tshirt oh u forgot to buy ur brother a present too awesome lets buy this tee for him" and I already have a very lovely Chubby Foxcuby piggy bank soooo why bring Cheetahs to a race?
Credits to DC for the Harley cover way back in 2015 XD

and i know I sound childlish right now but if  they didn't bring a present I would give two fly fucks about it cuz they were there to celebrate this Dumb kid right but dear future valentine or just present if u want to get away with a bought this five mins ago quckie present please oh please cover ur tracks cuz it's soooooooo irratating for the reciever because u can feel it in the prensent that this thing was just something emotionless It have become my new Hangover shirt

and don't get me wrong I like spontanous gifts but if it's just because "I feel like I have to" a gift is connected emtions

i wanna buy u roses because to me ur my red rose i love u and like giving a rose never grows old neither do my love and feelings for u

or i bought this white tee with a kitty on because u fucking love kitty's and i love u

i bought Nicki Minaj Pink friday because ur ma home bitch girl

the other presents that was ...undescribeable geez if ur ever gonna have kids promis me this support their bad habbits unless it's some illegal or addictions except if it's like harmless stuff like chocolate or drinking coffee or Drooling over that hot guy at that certain...sorry what was i talking about again? oh yeah Harmless addiction my mom supported mine like I supported K-Cherish's well I bought KC the Diablo III expansion pack Reaper of souls eventhough I told her in what December that she shouldn't dream about me ever giving that to her..... See I can be sly too nobody would ever suspect that Mwahahahaha-kilowag-hahahahhha cough cough  but yeah my mom and stepdad those evil mofos i love so much bought me POP! Funko Mystique ....BECAUSE I*M  little sweet me ....just kidding I'm a bitch but a adorkable one according to my maybe boyfriend and some of my friends who say i'm have a personality of a Fox and a Cat( everybody knows Nature's animalistic version of bitches is cats) but who am I to complain about that I love foxes their fluffy and epic...and craaaaaaaazzzzyyyy sorry x3 but yeah i'm like great grandma Foxy told before she took a really long nap which she is still taking btw... that I was my own little crazy, wild, charming, adorkable, lighthearted man and if anybody tried to forcefully tame that or change it because they didn't like it i could just give them the boot and say bear gryls called he wanna hear how ur gonna survive out in the cold without me....did i ever metion that GreatGFoxy was maybe a bit koo koo in her ol' gal days but who cares she was pawesome and was the only one of her Great grand children who have ever beaten her in Ludo....yet again lucky number 23 yes i was greatgrand child nb 23  we have huge just so u know xD

but back again
 Mystique Pop! she's my first and last marvel  Funko for now and she's my 9th funko and I have like 13 soon 14  yesterday I bought Reverse Flash and Starfire just because Flash and....just because she was there XD not on the flash but just because she was in the store at the moment XD
I have: Mystique, Harley Quinn(with the gun), Superman, ReverseFlash, Flash, CW Flash(the series Flash), Batman Arkham asylum; Batman, Joker, KillerCroc & Poison Ivy. Teentitans Go!: Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire 

and my The Black Flash is coming tommorrow and he is like the speedster death or grimreaper like is the speedster version of the entity Death and I think Wally Outran him once and Barry had been the black flash but during Blackest Dr.Zoom burrowed dead Barry's  suit because if u really wanna shit on ur arch nemesis's grave take their suit and make shit out of their name rminds me of something i usually say: i'm always right even when i'm wrong and i'll win even when I loose

okay now that line reminds me of Death thank u over thinking Brain :3
 but yeah i'm also waiting for my order on CW Flash Reverse Flash XD so around 15 Funkos XD
and K-Cherish oh ur little lovely shit u know my Iris West/Kryptonite too well she didn't give me one present oh no I've got three #Spoiled #IknowRight
first of all she appealed to my adorkable geek site oh god by give me Cap. American the winter soldier on dvd(cuz Flash is not out yet D'awww) I hope take notes future mr. or mrs. Foxy x3 is wanna woo these buns hun :3

so yeah her second present was three old comics 
Batman Nb 5 from 1971 with manbat because Who doesn't like MAN Bat he's pawesome!
Batman nb 3 from 93 
and Superman nb 385  the dark knight in metropolis interpress from 93 and she went through to a guy and bought them just for me i'm quite touched i still got my Batman and Spiderman crossover book from when I was younger and when my stepdad asked if i wanted him to read me a bedtime I would grab that tell him to read it for me ... oh gosh good ol memories and if u ask who u gotta blame for the Flash being my favourite Superhero of alltime it's my uncle's fault XD and it all began by nicknaming me that x3 and when I 4 year old dumb foxy red head me asked who he was and then he gave me a Flash comic said I could read it and find out and it was back when Barry was was the flash and Wally was Kid flash so my flash will always be Barry like my Robin will always be Tim Drake cuz Dick Grayson was Nightwing and Jason Was around as robin in the 80´s i think 
but yeah I could relate Wally as the cool side kick when he took over as Flash I could still relate to Wally it's a redhead thing i guess I don't know xD  the third present spoke too my little Fashion kid inside it was a Body spray/ Body mist Polo By Ralph Lauren because I smell bad i guess XD naah I don't suppose xD



   My maybe Boyfriend....sounds better than Potential Boyfriend XD took me out to watch Ant man as we're watching a movie s'up with that when he pays for like popcorn and soda and stuff saying oh yeah by the way Cutie Happy birthday hope u like ur present and i'm like dafuq and D'aaww at the same time cuz it came out of nowhere me like that very  very much with u go Boom suprise out of fucking nowhere unless u try to give me a blow at our table at a bar but that's a differnt story about another guy I don't date mainly because of that and nooo we didn't get caught cuz I made him  say hello to my shoe instead and pulled in my stuff but come on seriously the guy u know what I spare u the details otherwise this become too sexual oh heck u wanna hear it anyway... the dude and I met had two beers mostly because he spild the first one over me because he was clumsy and it was kinda cute next thing we kiss and his sitting on my lap and  my stuff is in my briefs in other words in my pants he sits down and begis to play with my stuff Still in my pants okay bam opens my zipper to pull it out and puts it in his mouth i put back in my breifs zips my pants and said whoah chillax not here not now and don't get me wrong I like bjs but not in a freaking bar on a fucking date seriously I mean don't mama teach ya manners anymore or entique huh guess I was a lucky again so yeah it was a date in Feb. but still not a fan of that kinda Boom suprise and i don't if i make u so hot and bothered that Titanic or dick explodes u don't do that on the same place ur date is unless it's a toilet on a nightclub xD my point is BEHAVE!!!

but yeah i'd also got so cute messages on my bday

I also found like a Old long trenchcoat and with a little bit of magic I can make it pretty for the winter XD
and for the name of the topic I dyed my hair pink.ish purple
and first I have to go blonde and I picked the platinum Blonde because it would take up to 8 nuances and my foxy red hair got a lot of "warm" nuances to it so it's hard to go lighter colours like light brown or iced blue without go blonde to start with so my always get Strawberry blonde/Golden blonde when I go blonde which is quite funny
Before Blonding

so yeah it looks like this before I used the purple hair dye
I know right cute XD so afterwards when I used the Purple hair it now looks like this 

kinda Pinkish purple or hot metalic pink?
and I like it my mom had that look u know like I loved ur nautral hair colour or when ur Strawberry/Goldenblonde why this XD 
Hottie of the day Ryan Gosling XD
Cya Foxy's out