torsdag den 23. juli 2015

castle crashes review

Spoiler alert!

I kinda liked It then I gotta to see an owl, a Deer and a Hunky Mighty Grizzly shit their bridge Gawd I love toilet humour and playing it with my sister is just making it so much more fun I mean com'on it's behemoth that made the game the guys that gave us, Dad 'n' Me, Alien Homid, Battleblock theatre with the lady's man Hatty Hattinton that is oh so gr8 but gets corrupted by Herbert Furbottom's hat   Hehe bottom I see what u did there behemoth  Furbottom died because wait for it one night he really had to take shit and waaaaait for it he pushed to hard so he died Shitting too hard so yeah he shat himself to death pretty damn funny don't u then ur too adult congrats on that even though I'm turning twenty whopping two this summer I can't stop laughing when it comes to the toilet humour and it's kinda off the wall but not really because everybody even ur grand something without a funny bone had been laughing at least one time to things fart related and if they haven't Pls slap them because they're lying or maybe they forgot they once had a blast as a kid or maybe they won't tell it because grandparents is a some sort of symbol of serious business but yeah so our progress so far is that we're doing something to polar bears that Green peace wouldn't like...if they were in the game...and in my defence they were hitting my sister and nobody does that not even in video games ....only me when we play injustice or Star Wars battlefront II and she's being a sassy Bitch

In her defence they shoved a salmon up her butt and began attacking her first so it's purely self  defence Foxies  in real nobody should hit anybody and love ur animal "brothers and sisters" Cuz they're cute and awesome even though they might be an 8ft tall grizzly with big razor sharp claws and a fang that could crush ur skull they won't probably that unless ur in the way of food or stole their cub or lady friend ;3   Buta I'd been playing as the IceQueen um I mean knight ice knight
And my sister is playing as the fire knight Cuz Foxy's Sista on Fiiiiirrryyyyaaaaa! Sorry I just had to make that pun it was the (ICE)ing on the cake.

Lately I'd been playing it with my mom....
Yeah my mom is so radical she knows how to play video games is ur mom that cool? No okay u can burrow mine when she's being embarrassing and stuff

But yeah she's cool so cool she beat her son to death as the hulk Lego marvel superheroes instead of the bad guys....CALL CHILDPROTECTION SERViCE Right now!...even though I'm only a kid of heart and turning twenty fucking two so anyway xD no wait I can do the same but yeah in injustice Gods Among us
Yeah let's her trying to break the ice when she taste the mace yeah! Time to bring my bitch game (finding my inner sassy bitch) 100% Puns intended totally worth it I'll tell u about it later when I have shown my mom that u don't mess with the her house xD

Somebody tape my mouth ASAP before I let out one more quote used as puns and make sure I stay down DAMN IT!

Hottie of the Day Scarlet Johansson

Cya  Foxy's out