søndag den 19. juli 2015

mind inside

Hottie of the Day 

Candice Patton 

Today I wanna let u Foxies in on a little not so secret, secret or well it's not more Surprising than well a secret but the place I find most relaxing place is a place where there is life! I love places where u can just hear the world I loved being in NYC because when I wasn't out enjoying the city heck even when I was out I got sucked into my own little mind, inner sanctum; thinking about everything and anything I even sometimes sits in the mall ...when I'm not shopping....#IDontHaveAShoppingProblem
And I know some people can get to their inner deep thought by completely Silence just a their room shrouded in dead Silence and yes of course I also think big thoughts when I'm out taking a dump :3 but I'll take a bow if u are able to think about the big things in a room fill with dead silence cuz the closest I was, was something "man sure here is quite I wonder if anybody would hear my fart cuz damn my gas chamber is under pressure" and let's face that's not even deep xD

But yeah if I Heard my jam! On the radio or just look at clothes or designs heck even a scent or smell and BAM! my brain just starts rolling in the deep with thoughts and Ideas this topic all started thanks to Grant Gustin's Lovely smirked and Selena Gomez' Middle of Nowhere and cute Girl at the counter which number I didn't get cuz I'm stupid like that #OhFoxy #IknowRight #StopHashtaggingFoxy #Hashtag #xD

Ohm so take a cup of joe or tea or whatever as longest it makes u calm and just lock the world mentally out when was the last time u just sat down and thought for ur self...orly? Guess I was right after all :3

In other Tales of the Fox

Well two topics 2 go and Six days before I'm turning 22 so yeah I've got 5 days to make some magic xD and reach 50 posts ...no sweat I guess even Banjo Kazooie is taking some of my time and so does my bad bad bad ...bad fic writing x3 but yeah if Sups is still rad among the world and he is as old as my grandma.....no shit he is as old as my grandma Connie and Superboy...is from 93 same year as urs truly #90sKid #1993 #2Rad4U oh the 90's it was a good period to grow up in especially the early 90's I kinda miss Batman the animated series and superman, not to sound like a dick but I'm not gonna envy my future child's childhood cuz it can't beat the childhood of the 90's kids sorry but somebody had to had to address the elephant in the china Shop ... Yeah

But yeah to the actual thing I think I'm gonna be a bit Sweet and post like a tiny little piece of what's on my fic drafting board in the next Post but only if ur the sweetest Foxies u could ever be.... Who am I trying kidding I bet u r guys and if u rn't Good ol' Foxy's gonna be disappointed and that's a dogtag u don't wanna carry around ur neck :3

.....and No she Ajoured on her Instagram she's not nude on the pic and I can say the same ....not because i went to San Diego Comic con to check but because I saw the outfit she worn so yeah


 CYA Foxy's out ....Shopping.....AGAIN! XD