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Teasing and writing

I promised u Foxies some bits from some of my drafts on my fics and I'm a man of my word...sigh so here goes nothing :3

Ours but not each others

~shit Baby dove the meerkat gave me his number...but I can't text him cuz then he knows I'm u! Help!
~oh yeah I kinda forgot to tell u that Foxy whoopsie😜😬
~ I hope u have a boyfriend cuz...
~ what have the meerkat gone straight?
~nooo but Captain Catnip Is having a crush on u 😳
~ OMG Hunky mc Hotstuff! 😍😍😍😍 <33333
~ what? He is hot and hunky ...do u think he's rough in bed I bet he is ☺️😍😍😙😙😙😘😘
~ oh For the love of Grant Gustin 😑
~he's hot too do u think Hunky Clarinton is into threesomes? Cuz then u could get some too😇
~😫 focus on the job Crystal!
~ bet u want him to shred ur ass
~ just stop my head hurts and I need a Cosmo😖
~Foxy? R u alright
~....pls shut up Crystal before I buy a crowbar or a mallet 😂


Sebastian was in Disney land with Aunt Anastasia and cousin Billy only a Few months after the break up with Cazz and their McKinley help was soo cold like Cazz and him hadn't talked at all to each other it was completely crazy Cazz had been giving him the cold shoulder and like it wasn't enough Cazz never said a word Sebastian could literally see his breathe when they were in the same room the only thing Cazz had said when Sebastian said it was getting cold was "must be an early Winter"

Sebastian missed talking with him but if he admitted it Foxy would be right and Sebastian wouldn't swallow his pride not this time cuz he was right according to him self
Hunter, Nick and the others told him he was jerk and a huge dick and everytime he asked Hunter about Foxy he got the same answer everytime "what it's to u Smythe?"

It wasn't fun having Guys COD night cuz Kurt didn't know how to play and he had kind of thrown the others out once they told him that he was a jerk and after what he had told them...them his friends what happened it who did they think they were well not his true friends cuz he was right and Foxy was dead wrong and he didn't need Foxy cuz he had...well nobody except for his family although uncle Barry told him he was being stupid and childish okay so he had absolutely nobody in the world great.

..well he had No Cognac hadn't been the same around Sebastian ever since Foxy left like he could sense that Sebastian had something to do with Foxy's disappearance but anyway Sebastian was right and he didn't need anyone especially not a certain Brown eyed Foxy Redhead with those pretty shoulders and foxy hourglass figure and those red cherry lips and that warm smile and melodic voice and laugh and that soft skin and those careful touches and oh the massages

what was he talking about again oh yeah how much he could live his life with nobody else but him self who were he kidding he missed his former fiancé too much here the other day he caught himself saying that his Mère's PBJ sandwiches wasn't as good as Foxy's and when she made chocolate chip cookies he told her that it was wrong and Foxy never made them like the way she did

Date-o Rama

Sebastian changed 22 times and had to hear every single lynching commentary from Hipster wannabe to Blaine Anderson and GaybarPornstar with a leather fetish
Sebastian found his black Gstar denim trousers a bronze brown shirt
"U look quite sexy There Handsome are u trying to woo me

Calling the favours

Hunter was going to court for the Steroid verdict
Sebastian had asked his father to take on the his Best friend's case
Hunter looked nervous because it would mean Silas Smythe have to dig into his past and Which meant his best Friend would know about His connection to his best friend's love interest and that love interest could put the finally nail in the coffin and send Hunter away for good and his foster Father would know what he had done

Down the rabbit hole

Cazz looked down at himself and smiled
He had boobs yeahy and not the gross man boobs but cute girl boobs why did he study his dream lady boobs and second why did he have boobs and thirdly why did everything look 1.1inch taller than normal? And why did his hands look girly so long and okay they've got smaller and it looked like he needed a manicure, why did he think like that Cazz didn't give two fly fucks about that!
And why did he have long beautiful bluish white hair?
Yet again Cazz' thoughts was girly than usual?

He spoke out
"Hey world?
Well his voice was definitely a woman's voice and if he had a vag he would flip
Yup he had the vag but who the fuck was he?

He approached a mirror he touched it and it froze instantly
Okay so he good be two persons with lager boobs and ice powers and surely he wasn't Elsa from disney's frozen so he could only be one and it was AWESOME no no wait it was COOL

Pooch in my Gucci

Kurt walked up and down the stage floor he was so nervous he didn't know where,what and how to do he have never felt like this how could he tell what he have done of course he was a reasonable guy but how could he forgive him this, it was like if he..he.. Kissed his bf or fucked him oh god oh god oh god

And there he was coming up to him Kurt wanted to flee but he couldn't he was glued to the floor

Yeah.... I know it's bad xD
But I promised u took get a look so yeah they're pretty bad :3

But anyways hottie of the day  Lady Gaga x3