torsdag den 9. juli 2015

getting ready for Adventuring though the old days :D

A LOOOONG trip down Memory Lane 

yeah I'm gonna take a looong walk with only 14 days left of my days as a 21 year old Crazy person I thought it was time to go back once again to some of childhood games

Right now i'm Playing Good ol' Banjo Kazooie cuz ....Crash Bandicoot is not avaliable on Xbox well the origal triolgy isn't My childhood Platformer is not on Xbox I'm gonna sit in the corner and Cry a bit Eventhough I love ..woah to strong a word meant Like the wrath of Cotex and Twinsanity and the Racing games's not the same bwaaaaha sob sob :3 well and I 100%'d "the reboot" Crash of Titans and Crash Mind over Mutant and they're horrible god it's like what WB Montreal have done with The new BatGirl DLC for Arkham Knight

 ...yes WBM have made the DLC for they're screwing it completly up ....again why? TIM DRAKE the DLC takes place when Harley were in her old good Classic suit and Babs(Barbara Gordon) weren't in a wheel chair and freakin Tim Drake the third Robin is helping

... it's based on a matter of family where Joker kidnaps her Dad Jim Gordon and in the WB Games Arkhamverse Tim Drake were the new Robin in the Arkham City in Origins we had Dick Grayson as the Robin but yeah heres the point

Tim can't be Robin back then cuz he wouldn't have been on his second year as Robin because The killing Joke has happend before Arkham Asylum and Arkham City so yeah they messed that a round of applause for WBM U did it again! at least u didn't fuck Harley Costume up otherwise I would have thrown my self down the stairs
but yeah back on topic

so instead of playing Crash Bandicoot I'm playing another Game from my past Banjo Kazooie ..yes I grew up with Awesome Platformers Thank you I know i'm just that awesome #JK I'm not that awesome XD but yeah so Hottie of today is one for the Guys cuz Gals u have getting to many guys XD

Danielle Panabaker