fredag den 21. august 2015

Introducing Foxy Spotlighting

yeah do I have to explain that no u can't make me No ah ah not gonna happend (walks out falls down the stairs comes back up again) okay I'm ready now! so I been thinking... Insert Foxy have a brain joke here  but Yeah I had an Idea.... Insert another Foxy have a Brain joke here *Cough*

oh um so I had idea why not put a little spotlight up on Peeps from all round on my Youtube channel ...yes I have one of those but anyways um I talked with Polar Titan from PolarTitanGaming sweet Guy u should check his Gaming Channel so on my youtube I'd Started "Foxy talks" .... i know it's not a good name but at least i'm honest I have a motor mouth at times so why not call it for what it is?

so yeah I'll be run that along side this blog and Flashyfox on wordpress and School and life and otherstuff but heey i'm not complaining...yet I can't even take a break during a break because then I find stuff to do :D

i put the Playlist up here and Leave a Link to PolarT's Channel U should check it out if u love the Batman Arkham series and other stuff like Deadspace :)
he's kinda new on youtube he started His channel in Jan. 2015 and he already have 607 subs (incl. Urs truly)

also Shout out to the Kwings because U guys are cool and If u don't know them I leave  a link below :D
Foxy talks Playlist

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