fredag den 21. august 2015

Being a bi Guy

I read this article about how to treat a man who comes out as Bisexual and suprisingly every single thing u shouldn't say or have done alot of the people I know and Love have done these don'ts

and as a bisexual guy I think it's quite funny because it's something I think alot of bisexauls could talk about because yeah it's sometimes really really annoying to tell that this world is actually in colours and not black and white I know I know Bi guy complaining about with some people's association of bi being nearly gay or a gay with a safety blanket but yeah it's qiute annoying to tell the people u love that there's a middle there's 0% & 100% and between those lies 50% the middle abit of both the split
but enough of that Read the Article because it helps us Bisexaul guys 

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