tirsdag den 13. september 2016

Long time no seeing Huh Foxies?

So how y'all doing Foxies seriously I want to hear it cuz last time was almost a month ago and yeah so I went to The Copenhagen Pride and in September I bought a Ps4 for some of my salary alongside the some games ;3 I bought the players mega pack at GameStop so the only games I actually paid for was Batman Arkham Knight and Overwatch and let me say this loud and Clear I suck as a Healer so i play as Tracer, Hanzo, McCreed or Agent 76 or Genji, well u probably wonder why did I buy a Ps4.... Two reason Crash Fucking Bandicoot and Injustice 2  well u know I love Crash Bandicoot ;3 

If u follow me on Insta u know I'd bought some Funkos too ;3 and Comics aswell right now I'm reading  The Flash Rebirth Comics and I think i'm gonna read BlueBeetle as well but don't I'm definitely gonna read Constantine though, in my love life I'm currently kinda Dating a Sweet Down to earth Guy his name is Casper and his a teacher, and oh god such a gentleman and yeah I do love when people is humourous and Well have something inside their skulls ya know intelligence is Sexy OK? 

What is weird to me is we're both redheads not weird as in omg there other redheads but that I'm usually not into redheads not that there's anything wrong with being a redhead but yeah u know opposites attracts, but yeah anyways he is cute as fuck, so my first platinum Trophy is gonna be Infamous Second son cuz let's face it  it's so Easy even ur Great great Grandma could do it ;3 or at least that's the impression I'm getting cuz I'd already got 73% of the trophies by doing the hero side of the story so should I Stream the Renegade/Infamous run on expert mode?

hottie of the Day  Gus Kenworth