fredag den 16. september 2016

Marvel Avengers academy Daredevill Event

Yeah I'd been Playing the event and the. Recruitable characters are: Daredevill(Of course), Elektra(well Of course), Jessica Jones(um no brainer), HellCat(um still no brainer cus She's Besties with Jessie), Iron Fist(well d'aah) Luke Cage(not surprising) and the Punisher(heheh Daaredevill Season 2) well there was a short Seven days login Thing where u could Get Peggy Carter and she looks sooooo cute ;3
I'm really digging her Outfitt 
It's easy to see that they are pulling the Defenders card or The Hellkitchen gang or Heroes For hire well their missing Colleen Wing and Misty knight but they're referenced 
U could also say it's the Marvel Netflix Royale team ;3

But yeah the event works as the other events collect stuff battle some guys and whammo 

Hottie of the Day Joe Mag.....DEATHSTROKE...the Guy from Magic Mike