fredag den 16. september 2016

Weird Things caught on Cameras

Okay so I don't why but I just watch a YouTube Video from somebody Called ApexTv about weird stuff caught on footage 2 of them made me crack up Seriously one was "Apparently" the rake....but it looked human wearing completely black clothes running on all four and had a white rubber like Alien face... I don't know about u but um isn't the rake Supposed to be a some what "Naked" stretched out skinny Human, dog Hybrid thingy?
Well I'm not saying that The rake Isn't real it might be who knows nobody except it self I guess but yeah the other one was a man awaking by his dog and apparently saw a grey alien in his Car...not saying that they don't exist but here's the kicker when he was awaking by his dog the first thing the man does is... Grabbing his videoCamera...yup if ur pet awakes u in the dead of night would u grab something to record it..of course u wouldn't cheese if something is in the house the most logical thing to do is grab something to whack 'em with just in case...I just saying as the one pointing out the basic human logic screw it basic survival among any living creature when feeling Scared or Threatened living creatures either run or Attack defendely...but yeah we live in a modern Age so of course why grab something to defend urself when u can post a selfie or a video on social media so everybody knows ur not an back door Virgin or alive anymore ;3 cough cough yeah right it's obviously a scheme yeah I'm sorry but why on earth would u grab a cam unless u knew what it was all about 
and movies like Paranormal Activity does that only strengthen the idea that it was a plan scheme... 

Well anyways there were also some clips of both "The Goat man" and "The Goat man of Oregon" 
And well it could be possible due to Mutation, I mean if people can be born with "werewolf Syndrome" where Hair grows weird places like ur entire face, who does say that People could get hairy to a point that they look goat like and what about people who are into Beastiality...or simply Fucking animal 
Eww it sends shivers down my spine just to mentally say the word...well anyways where it doesn't fit is that the Goat man...looks like an Ox waking on two legs...and it's Said that he lives in the woods carrying a big Axe .... Why would u need an axe is ur a giant Hairy goat man with Horns? Wouldn't it be easier to just Ram people to death.....yet again just pointing out the obvious sorry but c'mon if I was a giant ass Goat man I would totally use my horns like cats uses their freaking claws hiss
I think it would be cool that we would have mysterious creatures among us and who say we don't have but sometimes people just wanna earn a quick buck and some spotlight off other People's imaginative hopeful minds And it makes me a bit Cranky well the YouTube clip is ApexTV "20 mystrious Creatures caught On Tape" 

Hottie of the Day a "Real" merman "Aquaman" aka Jason Momoa