torsdag den 22. september 2016

Jen turning Grey? What now?

So according to Jennifer Walters aka. She-hulk will get a grey colour change it's so weird t' me u already had The Grey Hulk thing With Jen cuz she kept her intelligence well when she became the sensational SheHulk which is the second SheHulk she started out as Hulk did by being the Savage She-Hulk she was created in the 80's actually that's when She-hulk was introduced in 89 the Sensational She became the Sassy Gal we all know and Love t'day she even fought this Savage SheHulk Persona which is Reminds me as a 90's Kid of Hulk and Grey Hulk fight inside Bruce Banner from the Hulk the animated series season 2 so why give her a grey hulk form?

Well I think it's because they wanna Bring back The Savage She-Hulk but not Confusing People in the Process because both Savage and Sensational She-hulk are Green but Savage She-Hulk is ....well looking like a manly female Bodybuilder sooo I can't see why People would be confused....or am I the only paying Attention to detail....retorical question of course not but I think it's to make it easier for newcomers who didn't know
also Civil War II is gonna and have left s Mark on Jen due to Hawkeye taking Hulk down for good on Danvers orders which is devastating to Jen Cuz it's her beloved Cousin Bruce first of all but that her Friend Carol Danvers actually was "sorta behind it"

makes it hard on Jen also Because Jen Takes Justice Really Serious Like Patsy And Matt Murdock well Jen were on Team Cap.Marvel and well her Core beliefs were Justice will prevail but since team Cap Marvel wanted to prevent future crimes before they happened where's the justice so yeah Jen is shocked to her foundation well .... Here's a link to the interview about the upcoming Hulk#1
Side Note Um it makes Perfect sense t' me Now why they have to give her a Grey Look Cuz they can't call Her 80's Savage SheHulk any longer cuz Hulks Daughter, Lyra,  from the Future Is actually Call the Savage She-Hulk ....Kinda Forgot that Whoops Well Kinda His Daughter Cuz His Dna was Mixed With Thundra so Yeah ...She-Hulk even Tells Lyra that she looks Like Thundra ...Who can Really Blame Her

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